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How goes the Carlos Correa & NY Mets Saga?

Credit: Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Cabo Rojo, PR– Though I’m reporting from Puerto Rico, my baseball heart is in New York. As such, I’m asked everyday here, “What’s up with Correa and the Mets?”. I correct them and say, “You mean what’s up with Correa, his agent Scott Boras and the Mets.” I personally believe that part of the holdout on these negotiations has to do with his agent, Boras who is known by some in the baseball world as the “Darth Vadar” of the baseball industry always looking to make a killing on behalf of his super star clients.

It’s ironic that yesterday on our way to the town of Coamo, we drove through Correa’s hometown of Santa Isabel. It caused me to think of Carlos and where he is today coming from this quiet and peaceful family-oriented town in the Southern Coast of Puerto Rico. The town that bred him seems to be quite different from the Carlos Correa who is in the middle of these negotiations.

This afternoon I was on the Mundo Deportivo radio sports talk show hosted by legendary sportscaster, Johnny Flores. Latino Sports is now resuming our participation of reporting several times a week on sports from our Latino Sports perspective.

Again, I was asked about the Correa – NY Mets situation as there is a lot of interest here on Carlos joining the Mets and playing alongside two other Puerto Rican born stars, Francisco Lindor and Edwin Díaz. With the addition of Correa some here are already nicknaming the team the BoriMets (Bori for Boricua the progressive name for Puerto Ricans).

Image Credit: MLB/World Baseball Classic

As this saga continues, I share the following article from MLB with a broader understanding of the situation.

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