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How have the three Puerto Rican leaders fared so far this season in the Major Leagues?

There are three Puerto Rican managers in MLB. We would like to hear from our readers what is your take on each one?

Alex Cora, Managing the Boston Red Sox. In the first two months of the season he has had less than the stellar years of the clubs previous years. Is it managing, the players, or the front office? What’s happening with the Red Sox? Do you have a an idea, please share.



Charlie Montoyo, managing the Toronto Blue Jays who have a record of 28 – 20 and are in second place behind the Yankee’s who are 34 – 15 with one of the best records in baseball (as with the Dodgers). Will the Blue Jays catch up to the Yankees and capture the American East Championship? If not will they make the Wild Card? Where will they wind up when the season winds up? Let us know your take?

Dave Martínez has not had it all in the first two months with a record of 18 – 33. Currently in last place in their National League East Division. What are the projections for the Washinton Nationals? Will they leave the basement of their division? Between them and Miami, who do you think will be at the bottom of the division in September?

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