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How To Become A Big League Player

Clayton Kershaw never slows down - Image Credit: Emma Sharon/Latino Sports

LOS ANGELES, CA — There are always moans and groans from everyone who works at baseball stadiums the morning of a day game that follows a night game. “I’m tired, and I didn’t get enough sleep. I had no time for breakfast.”

As I listen to those complaints, I gaze out onto the field here at Dodger Stadium and watch one lonely player and his trainer working through various reps of stretching, running, etc. At 9:30 am, Clayton Kershaw is alone in the outfield as the ground crews prepare the field for today’s game scheduled for 1:10 pm, after pitching seven innings of brilliant baseball the night before.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw – Image Credit: Emma Sharon/Latino Sports

He usually spends about thirty-five minutes on these workouts. It sounds like a little bit of time. He will then be out an hour later to lightly long toss. I will see this star doing this after every start. No moaning or groaning complaints from this guy. It’s too bad that kids aspiring to be big-league ballplayers don’t get to see this.

At 35 years old, he has never skipped a beat in the work and effort he has put into his career. “Thirty-five minutes” should be taped above every locker in every locker room in schools across America and told what it means. Watching greatness on the ball field is one thing, but seeing how much work goes into it is impressive.

Don’t get me wrong, Kershaw is not the only one who works hard. Every major league player who ever lived had to work hard no matter how great their talent was. Getting to the big leagues is hard, but staying at this level is even more challenging. Dedication to their craft with hard work is how the great ones do it.

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