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I Did Not See The Game, But Seeing The Dramatic Results Today Forced Me to Write This.

Bronx, NY: I started watching a bit of the World Series pregame show while in a restaurant at San Juan International airport waiting to board my flight back to New York. My wife, Blanca and I have been fixed on watching the games and have found the excitement of this years post season games contagious. Perhaps it’s the Covid condensed season that has caused so many of the players to produce in ways that we both have found super exciting. Thus yesterday we wanted to see game four of what has been a “slugfest” between the Dodgers and the Ray’s, a team that we both adopted as having of the lowest payrolls with no major name super star (going into the post season as that is changing quickly) yet beating some of the richest teams in baseball.

Unfortunately, since we were flying over the Atlantic Ocean we were not able to watch the game on Direct TV on our Jet Blue flight, se we settled for some sleep and a movie until we landed in New York and tried to get the results. Between one thing, or the other, landing after midnight in an almost empty terminal at JFK and waiting for our ride back home who had left his cell at home and who got lost getting to the airport made our wait a bit nervous to concentrate on the game. Finally when our friend Domingo arrived we were the only souls at the luggage terminal. We immediately ran to the car and the first question after our salutations was, “who won game four.” Domingo answered with his own horrors of getting to the airport and thus was also not aware who had won. He did say that the Dodgers were winning 7-6 in the ninth inning before he had to switch off to concentrate on getting to the airport. We all accepted the fact that the underdog Ray’s, that we were all rooting for had lost.

This morning I woke and one of the first things I did was to look for the games highlights. I was floored when I saw that the Ray’s won with what many are saying was “one of the Wildest Fall Classic finishes ever.”

The only way to say what occurred yesterday in game 4 of the World Series was that the Ray’s stole the game from the Dodgers for an 8-7 win.

There is no way I can do justice and report on what all the sports pages are reporting. The best I can do is encourage you to go on line and see the video of that incredible bottom of the ninth inning that gave the Ray’s that unbelievable win.

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