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In the “Home Run Derby” They All Know What The Pitcher Will Throw

“The greatest pleasures are always those that leave one reasonably dissatisfied” … La Pimpi.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE) – Today is mail day. I cannot answer those who do not send the town or the city from where they write. Thank you.

Rodolfo Mendoza U. of Seboruco, Táchira, comments…: “Every time they talk about the theft of signs, I move to my time as an amateur baseball player. The excitement of going to bat and what was going through my brain about what I had to do to connect the ball to anyone’s field (well illustrated by the way in Ty Cobb’s letter to José Altuve). I understand that armed turmoil is because Americans always reject everything that smells like deception. But we go to the “Homerun Derby”. The batter agrees with someone to throw him in a specific place and at a certain speed, always much, but much less than that of a major league pitcher. And in most cases, comfortable flutters or flies come out, that is, dominated by the batter. How to understand then that a team can improve their batting by telling the batter which pitch they will make? It is likely that at some point you will be lucky enough that everything coincides and you can take a good hit, but … ”

Flormelia Rivadavia, from Caracas asks …: “Why don’t the Yankees have their last name on their backs, like other teams, and since when do they show their names like that?”

Amiga Mella …: It’s tradition, just like blue striped uniforms. The Yankees believe that the number is enough to identify their players. The names were born on March 13, 1960, when Bill Veeck, who was an innovator in the major leagues, and a very creative promoter, ordered that his team’s uniforms, the White Sox, carry the last name of each player in the back. Veeck said he thought of those who watch the games on television, and do not have the number-name information. Now, the first time numbers were used on the back was in 1929, the Yankees and the Indians. They were quickly followed by all teams.


Rodrigo Gutiérrez G. de Reynosa, Tamaulipas, I send this message …: “Dear Sir: Receive one more congratulations for the time completed. Being a person as I imagine it, I believe you will fulfill more, many more. I perceive an intelligent man of positive thoughts, also noble at heart and right in his reason. Congruent in your feeling and thinking, another quality says without ambiguity what you have to express, no matter if the truth hurts. You receive a blessing to your health, to continue enjoying your column “On the ball”, it seems that you will be for much longer on the pitch. ”



ATTENTION.- You can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport returns to unite us”.


Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.



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