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Interesting Quotes From Some Previous LatinoMVP Award Winners

Bronx, NY: Fans have asked us here and there: what were the most memorable moments giving out our awards for the last thirty years? The fact is that there have been quite a few. However, the most impactful one has to be the first one given to Ruben Sierra in Yankee stadium in 1990. In fact, I have been asked and I have committed myself to one day writing that whole experience because it really deserves documenting for future generations to see how just doing the right thing sometimes makes history and started what today is our 30th anniversary.

Each award given to a baseball player has a different experience, as they are all different. Some we have done as an on-field presentation, others we have given as an awards luncheon and others we have surprised the player in a locker room, or dugout. Each player has always expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the award. When we changed our awards to a James Fiorentino painting, or a John Pennisi illustration that gratitude also included downright surprise and love for having something so unique.

Below we share some of the quotes from a few of the players that we felt were meaningful.

Interesting quotes from some of the players who have received our awards.

“You don’t have to recognize my efforts, I know that I hit well. However I appreciate what you want to do.” Ruben Sierra 1990


“I was surprised and proud to know that there is an award to recognize us, the Latino players.” Carlos Baerga 1992


“I was not expecting this, but thank you Latino Sports.” Pedro Martinez 1997


“Having won this award from my own community three times is indeed an honor.” Juan “Igor” Gonzalez 1998


“Thank you for this recognition and congratulations to Julio Pabón and Latino Sports for creating an award for Latino players” Carlos Delgado 2000


“I was not expecting this, and I apologize that I did not even know I was getting this award until today, but I am so excited to receive this beautiful award from you guys in Latino Sports.” David “Big Papi” Ortiz 2005


“I have won the Cy Young, but this award means more to me because it’s given by my community” Johan Santana 2006

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