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Is Kyrie Irving to Blame for the Boston Celtics’ Rough Season?

Kyrie Irving is to blame for the dismantle of the Boston Celtics. The guard has become distant from his fellow teammates. Rumors have swirled that Irving has become increasingly moody and quiet amid what’s been a bad season for the Celtics. Irving was at a loss for words on Sunday after his team lost to the Houston Rockets at TD Garden.

What’s wrong with Kyrie Irving? Is his basketball career catching up with him? Is he losing his game? SurgarHouse Sportsbook has provided something for basketball fans to bet on along with a long list of wagering options. Those into sports betting and online casinos have been betting on Irving and his team using the SugarHouse promo code. But Celtics fans are getting rowdy because they keep losing.,

A recent report from The Ringer indicated that the 26-year-old basketball star is increasingly unhappy with his teammates. It has prevented him from playing well on the court. Irving’s personality has completely changed. He’s been distancing himself from his teammates. They’re not too happy with him as well. Some have blamed Irving as the reason why the Celtics have been losing so much.

These recent events have Irving seriously considering his future. He recently told fans that while he plans to sign a long-term contract with the Celtics, he’s also considering ending some of his friendships with his teammates. Irving’s only friend at this point is Jayson Tatum. The two players share an agent, which makes sense. But Tatum may also get traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in favor of Anthony Davis.

The Celtics are hoping to get Davis and use him along with Irving. This hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. The rumors will be confirmed once the trade announcements have been made. There’s no guarantee that Irving will stay with the Celtics, despite what he’s said lately. If things continue to get worse, it could make things award for Irving and his teammates.

On Sunday, Irving was heard on camera saying that he won’t “miss any of this s**t” once he’s done playing. Irving usually loves the camera and attention, but he seemed to have enough of it that day. He realizes that the lights, camera, and action is part of the basketball world, but he doesn’t care for it anymore. This is just a string of comments that have raised eyebrows with Celtics fans lately.

Expectations were high for the Boston team on Sunday. They had a good streak from the Eastern Conference finals. They counted on the return of their all-star  player Gordon Hayward. They also depended on their other team players like Tatum, Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown. There was also Irving, even if he’s not acting like himself lately.

He has led the Celtics to victory before, so there’s still a chance for him. The Celtics wouldn’t where they’d be if it weren’t for him. They have a coach that’s considered one of the fifth or sixth best coaches at his job in the NBA. It’s been a tough season for the Celtics, but there’s still hope for them to make it through March Madness. There seems to be a disconnect with them and their teammates at the moment.

Irving is used to the fame. He’s a guy who’s known for saying too much. Now he’s saying too little these days. He was recently asked if his teammates will get together for an upcoming four-game streak and he didn’t seem sold on the ideas. The Celtics have 18 more games to go. It’ll be interesting to see if this team will go to the playoffs, or if their winning streak is over.

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