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It Might Be Cold, But the Game’s Still Played. My Concern with the weather.

Cold baseball weather in NY does not attract fans (Photo: Latino Sports)

Flushing, NY: Yesterday’s first game between the Mets and the visiting San Francisco Giants was postponed due to expected severe weather conditions for the evening game. The wind was 13 MPH with gusts of 25MPH forced the game to be postponed and was made part of today’s doubleheader.

If we recall the Yankees season opener Vs. their rivals, the Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis were also postponed due to inclement weather. I don’t know who else is paying attention to these weather patterns, but as a long-time baseball fan, I am. The cold weather we have been experiencing which makes it feel more like its football season, rather than the game of spring and summer is not to my liking.

Today’s 3:10 scheduled make-up game, the first of today’s doubleheader between the Mets and the Giants should have a bit more fans than the practically empty stadium I saw during the singing of the national anthem. The game time temperature was 48 degrees, with wind gusts of 20mph making it feel much colder. There were so few seats occupied that the singing of the anthem was distorted due to the echo and feedback heard from the sound bouncing off the many empty seats. The fact that this make-up game is an afternoon game and those attending the game yesterday was for an evening game might have a lot to do with the empty seats, but I dare say that today’s cold might have a lot to do with it as well.

My point is that while we are all inundated with news of war, Covid, crime, inflation, etc., I believe we better start paying a lot more attention to the weather. When the cold, extreme wind, and rain begin to postpone games now, we can only imagine how much worst it will get in the future if we don’t pay attention to the planets warnings. Will baseball schedules need to be changed so that more games start out in warmer cities? Will baseball players and their stats be affected? No one knows, but we do know one thing, the planet has been screaming for attention and we don’t seem to be paying attention.

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