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Jackie Robinson Day in Los Angeles

Jackie Robinson, the slide, frozen in time - Image Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB

LOS ANGELES, CA — Dodgers 26-year-old rookie starter Michael Grove gets his third start of the young season. He pitched well in his first game at Dodger Stadium against the Rockies and then got baptized into the big leagues when the Diamondbacks scored nine earned runs off of 12 hits in 3.1 innings.

The Cubs counter with righty Jameson Taillon who is coming off two losses in his first two starts this season after giving up seven runs over nine innings pitched. So it may be a good game, but maybe not so good.

But the big story today, from T-Ball to the big leagues, is here in Los Angeles and all of baseball. It is April 15 and commemorates the day Jackie Robinson broke “The Color Barrier” in Major League Baseball. It is “Jackie Robinson Day.”

Image Credit: MLB

My very first game as an eight-year-old Little Leaguer was at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field to see my Dad’s favorite team, the Dodgers, play the Cincinnati Red Legs. I saw many great future Hall of Fame players that day, but the one player I strained my eyes to find was Jackie Robinson. My Dad made sure I knew who he was and how great he was as a human being and a ballplayer. It was a day I will never forget with my Dad.

Portrait of members of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team pose in the dugout, 1954 – Image Credit: Latino Sports/Dodgers/MLB

At Dodger Stadium, there was a tribute to Mr. Robinson before the game at the centerfield entrance in front of the beautiful bronze statue of Jackie in his iconic slide into home plate. It is an image frozen in time. Several players and dignitaries spoke of his deeds, sacrifice, and what he made possible for them.

Dodgers outside Stadium during Jackie Robinson Day Ceremony – Image Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB

Being here at Dodger Stadium on Jackie Robinson Day is an honor for me. I have come full circle with this team my father loved in Brooklyn, where it all began for Jackie. Yes, it is a special day in baseball but an even more special day for me as I remember the sacrifices my Dad made for me.

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