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Jaime Espinal and Javier Culson welcome Jasmine Camacho-Quinn to the select group of Puerto Rican medalists

The moment when she was received in front of Casa Olímpica (Vanessa Serra Díaz)

(We translated and slightly edited this article which first appeared in for the pleasure of our readers)


Both Espinal & Culson were present at the protocol activity carried out by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee to celebrate the gold medal won in Tokyo 2020.

San Juan, PR: Jasmine Camacho-Quinn will never forget the hours she spent yesterday in Puerto Rico when she was greeted by a grateful and jubilant people who celebrated her for her gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn entered the activity held by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee, escorted by fellow Olympic medalists Javier Culson (left) and Jaime Espinal. (Ramón “Tonito” Zayas)

Today, Wednesday, with a few hours of rest and with a commitment in the Legislature in the afternoon, the speed hurdler thanked the signs of affection that she received for her feat in Japan.

“Getting the support means a lot. It is moving. This brought great joy to everyone. This motivates me more in the face of (the Olympics in) Paris, ”said the athlete during an activity held at the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, in Isla Verde.

Camacho-Quinn had words of affection for her family and her fans. She thanked them for always “being there for her”.

Thank you all for the love and support for the past five years. This means a lot to me. To everyone who has been on this path and believed in me, I really appreciate it. I’m definitely looking forward to bringing more gold medals,” she told her fans.

In the aforementioned activity, the 24-year-old athlete shared with other athletes who went to Tokyo and with members of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur). The event was held about 24 hours after the athlete participated in a showy caravan that took her through San Juan and Trujillo Alto in which she, Camacho-Quinn, received the affection of the people

Likewise, there were the Olympic medalists Javier Culson and Jaime Espinal, who escorted her to the front of the room where the activity took place. She was also accompanied by her family, her trainer John Coghlan and agent Paul Doyle.

Culson, Espinal and Camacho-Quinn are three of the ten athletes who have won Olympic medals representing Puerto Rico. Camacho-Quinn won just the second gold, after Monica Puig’s gold in tennis at Rio 2016.

Culson, who was the first track and field competitor to win an Olympic medal for Puerto Rico, shared that watching the delegation turn out and Camacho-Quinn’s races gave him a rush of adrenaline.

“Wow, that was an adrenaline rush seeing the participation of the entire delegation. Obviously, athletics is the king of sports. The eleminatories, the semifinal and that final were obstacles. I enjoyed it, ”said Culson, who won bronze in the 400-meter hurdles at the London 2012 edition.

In fact, the former athlete stated that seeing Camacho-Quinn brought back memories of his participation in 2012.

“I remember when I was in London. Receiving the medal. That feat that she

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s family during Wednesday’s activity at Isla Verde. (

did, everyone waiting, everyone united as a family to see that participation. Now I’m behind the TV watching all that scenery. I was nervous, I realized the anxiety that the family, the fans and all that experience go through, ”he said.

For his part, Espinal -silver medalist in London 2012 in Olympic wrestling- welcomed Camacho-Quinn to the club of Olympic medalists and urged her to use this platform to support worthy causes.

“It is a joy for the country and an example for society. She is going to have the opportunity to be an example and I would like her to make that decision because she will be able to influence many people ”, declared Espinal, who highlighted the fact that the athlete represents segments of the population such as black women and the diaspora.

She receives the check for $ 50,000
In the activity, Camacho-Quinn also received a symbolic check in the amount of $ 50,000, which is the bonus that Copur awards for an Olympic gold medal. The president of Copur, Sara Rosario revealed that the money has already been given to her.

Similarly, the gold medalist received from Plaza Las Américas a gift card valued at $ 1,000 that she can use at the mall.

Jasmine Camacho Quinn felt the warmth of Puerto Rico.

Throughout the route many parents brought out their children to see, Jasmine the Gold Medalist that brought much pride to Puerto Rico. (Vanessa Serra Díaz)

Editors Note:

Latino Sports is exploring for the opportunity to award Ms. Camacho – Quinn in a future New York visit.

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