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Jazz Pull Off Last Minute Nail Biter in AYBA Championship Game

The 2021-2022 Attleboro Youth Basketball Association Champions (Picture: Latino Sports)

Attleboro, MA: With the overpowering fatigue from preserving my youth from the night before, I took the 184 mile trip to watch my grandsons play in their championship game. Little did I expect it to become such a surprising turnaround.

On Saturday parents, family members and friends of every young player of the Rockets and Jazz basketball teams who are part of the Attleboro Youth Basketball Association (AYBA) were treated to a nail biter of a game. The fact that these two young basketball teams made up of fifth and sixth graders could ignite the excitement of an early morning crowd of spectators was awesome.

This final game which was the result of a well-deserved season leading to this championship match was the result of two teams that played their very best in this ten-game season.

The Rose twins, Alex & Alejandro two key players of the Jazz team (Photo Latino Sports)

These two teams of young players who were both determined to be titled the Attleboro Youth Basketball Association Champions for the 2021-2022 season was what everyone expected: very competitive.

The game started with the tip off going to the Jazz by the immediate leap of Jazz power forward, Alejandro Rose. Within minutes the Jazz scored first on a two pointer by Kyle Swenson on a pass by Alex Rose. From that moment until the half, both teams played with determination and hustle of young players who were playing for the title of Attleboro youth champions.

However, the Rockets began to pull away in scoring and in possession. It seemed as if the Jazz could not score a point on any possession and giving up the ball too often to the Rockets. The Rocket fans were cheering louder on every point scored and grew louder when their point guard scored a three pointer to put the Rockets ahead by as much eight points with six minutes to play. With the clock winding down to 3:23 the Jazz were still behind by a score of 17 to 23.

The clock was giving the Rocket team a certain victory, but the Jazz pulled off a nail biter. (Photo: Latino Sports)

The tide began to turn in the next three and final minutes of the game when the Jazz began to pull away from their slump with a key two pointer by Alex Rose, and two subsequent unanswered scores by Tyler Fuller and Alejandro Rose. The tide had turned as the Jazz took the lead 26 to 23. The Rockets still had the opportunity with over a minute to play, but the pressure and aggressive defense lead by Grady Doxsey who forced several steals sealed the Jazz victory.

Both teams played a good game and provided their fans with an exciting competitive game. Congratulations to both team coaches who brought their teams to the finals. Special mention to coach, Ric Rose and assistant coach, Peter Doxsey who lifted their team from an almost certain defeat with less than three minutes on the clock to pull away with a victory.



Hear interview of Alejandro, Alex & Grady:

The 2021-2022 Attleboro Youth Basketball Association Champions (Picture: Latino Sports)

(Special thanks to my grand daughter Nevaeh for co-editing)

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