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Jeter In HOF, The commissioner insists in using umpire robots, & Other Interesting Notes

“Those who hate someone deserve to be hated, because no one should be hated.” Yogi Berra.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) : The Question of the Week …: Derek Jeter will be, on July 26 this year, one more Yankee in the Hall of Fame. But who was the first of that team to be chosen for its elevation to Cooperstown?

The answer …: Babe Ruth, in 1936, but he was not inducted until 1939, because that’s when they finished building the house of honors. That year ‘39 Lou Gehrig was also elected and inducted. And the ceremony was with 26 immortals, elected in the four years, since 1936.

** It would be healthy if a friend informed the new Astros manager, Dusty Baker, that carrying a toothpick between his lips 24 hours a day is not only very rude and a horrible image, but also a great danger. If he swallows it, he may even die. He would not be the first to lose his life in that way … ** The absurd commissioner, Rob (Plover Head) Manfred, threatens to put his Umpire robots into operation in training, despite the resounding failure of the experiment in the 2019 season of the Atlantic League. The devices were wrong once in every five calls. The umpires are wrong once in every 500 plays. Why insist on something that doesn’t work? Well, the commissioner doesn’t work either, and that’s where it goes …


“If all roads lead to Rome, how does one leave Rome?” … “Comedy Club” .-


** Free agents who are still looking for a contract…: The outfielders, Carlos González, Juan Lagares, Yasiel Püig, Carlos Gómez and Kevin Pillar; the right relievers, Pedro Strop and Fernando Rodney; right-handed pitchers, Erwin Santana; Tim Líncecun and Bartolo Colón, plus the utility, Hanley Ramírez … ** The Mookie Betts 2020 case is typical of “just tell me yes, but it doesn’t tell me when.” It is known that the Red Sox have offered it, it is known that Dodgers and Padres want it, it is known that every day they talk about possible changes, but they do not reach the end, just blah blah blah… ** Alex Cora looks for work as a commentator on television. He assures that he will not steal the signs of his collegues in the box, nor those of the competition … ** Said by Justin Verlánder, upon receiving Cy Young, at the dinner of baseball journalists, in New York …: “It was wonderful to be part of the Astros. At the moment it is an advanced organization in terms of analytics and modern technology. ” There were those who laughed, there were those who hated him, applauded and booed him …


“My only flaw is that I am a perfectionist” … Dick Secades.-

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Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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