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Latino Ray Negron, Yankee Batboy

Reggie Jackson, Ray Negron, and George Steinbrenner - Image Credit: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES, CA — When Good things happen: the Ray Negron Story, executively produced by Chaz Palminteri.

Sometimes, things happen in life that we can not control. The story of a Latino kid growing up in the South Bronx in the 1970s is one that Hollywood would never have written. Having just seen the opening clip of the true story of ‘Ray Negron, Yankee Batboy,’ I was blown away by the footage of The Bronx with buildings reduced to rubble, street crime, and buildings on fire as people went about their daily lives. It was normal for those who lived there to give up hope of ever getting out of there and living a better life.

Ray Negron and George Steinbrenner – Image Credit: Getty Images

Never in his wildest dreams did this skinny teenager think things would get better for him and his family. And then, instantly, his life changed into a fantastic dream come true. Ray was caught spray painting graffiti on the original Yankee Stadium by none other than the new Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner, who promptly dragged him into the old ballpark and had him put into a jail cell in the bowels of the historical Stadium. Steinbrenner then told long-time Yankee clubhouse attendant Pete Sheehy to put Ray in a uniform and make him work to pay for the damage he did to the Stadium. I guess Ray was never able to pay for the damages in full because he has been working for the Yankees now for 51 years.

Seriously, Mr Steinbrenner took Ray under his wing and made sure he was given every opportunity to make a better life for himself. The big league ballplayers treated him kindly and are dear friends to this day, especially Reggie Jackson, who treated Ray like his kid brother. Ray has gone on to organize trips to hospitals with big stars of the game to visit kids who were made to feel special and not forgotten. He has been paying his gift from “The Boss” forward for many years and has no plans to slow down with his giving kids from the South Bronx and everywhere he goes a vision of hope.

Reggie Jackson and Ray Negron – Image Credit: Latino Sports

Ray Negron and Derek Jeter seated on Yankees flight during the late 1990’s – Image Credit: Latino Sports

This incredible story will make you laugh and cry and give you goosebumps as Ray describes what it was like to be saved by Mr. Steinbrenner and what happened in the Yankee clubhouse and dugout of the “Bronx Zoo Yankees.” The Producer is Bill O’Connell, and Chaz Palminteri is the executive producer. It is a must-see film expected to be out this fall. Enjoy.

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