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Leading up to Bergen County Fight Night 2, Ray “The Scientist” Cuadrado is All Gas No Brakes

East Rutherford, New Jersey- Boxing fans are counting down the days until the extraordinary Bergen County Fight Night 2 goes down at the American Dream Mall. On Friday night July 29th presented by Abella Boxing Promotions, the top talents across the New York and New Jersey regions are prepared to make their defining statements in the ring. An uprising standout on the fight card is none other than undefeated Raymond “The Scientist” Cuadrado (3-0, 1 KO) out of Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Fighting in the super featherweight class, Cuadrado is set to face Andrew Bentley (5-5, 1 KO) in an anticipated 4-round bout featured in Bergen County Fight Night 2. 

Less than an hour from the American Dream Mall resides the undefeated orthodox fighter in Ridgewood, Queens, with a loyal fan base at hand. Well, of course, Cuadrado has been a trending name in ticket sales as boxing fans demand to witness ‘The Scientist’ in the ring. 

“It’s definitely nice knowing it’s going to be there at the American Dream. Having the support from the people of my hometown, people from my gym, friends and family, you name it. I want to show them that I am constantly improving,” Cuadrado said. 

The 26-year-old is a major component of zoning in on the mental aspects of the sport; the hit-don’t get-hit mindset. “If I can execute that perfectly, then I know I did my job in the ring,” Cuadrado elaborated. 

Image Credit: Moises Ceja

In like manner, the well-known nickname ‘The Scientist’ was not created out of the ordinary.  He stated, “I call myself ‘the scientist’ for a reason. I can do simple stuff, I can do advanced stuff, but it’s mostly my Boxing IQ.”

In a similar perspective to Boxing IQ, Raymond’s favorite fighter growing up was Floyd Mayweather due to his one-of-a-kind defensive ability. Cuadrado said, “Especially at his age, he’s still taking advantage of the sport. People want to see him lose and get hit, but he doesn’t.” 

Like the majority of elite boxers, Raymond admires Mayweather for his authentic hit-don’t-get-hit mantra. He mentioned that Mayweather’s style remains a major influence on the up-and-coming boxing generation. 

In a sport of consistent adjustments, Cuadrado distances himself from opponents by easing into his methods. A student of the game repertoire; advancing his skillset day by day. 

Raymond said, “I’m always watching fights. I’m watching constantly to see what I can pick up, what I can use. If I see something I like, I’m going to practice it in shadow boxing the next day. See if that can work within my style, and if not, then we’ll throw it away. But it’s always worth learning, trying something new, and just trying to execute it perfectly as well.”

The versatile technique from Cuadrado makes for a huge advantage come the time the fight bell rings. He displays a blend of top tier footwork, knockout power, defensive ability, and especially the skills in the jab. 

The orthodox fighter expressed his thoughts on the jab: “I think it’s the most important punch in boxing. The jab sets the pace, it sets the distance, and it sets your aggression as well. 

The family heritage for Cuadrado relates to his transcendent mindset on boxing, thus being the Philippines and Puerto Rico. When asked what it’s like representing the Filipino and Puerto Rican family roots, Raymond responded: “It’s a big weight on my shoulders. The people want to see someone great. I want to make my mark on the sport of boxing as one of those people that could potentially be one of the greats to follow Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto.”

Cuadrado does not get compiled on the wealth and fame aspects of boxing. Along with becoming the upcoming name across the sport, his goal is to influence others by setting an impact on showing individuals anything is possible with a laser-sharp mindset. “I’ve been raised in the gym, so I’ve been around. I’ve seen people come and go, but there’s always those people that remember my face, my name, see me on posters, whatever the case may be. I just want to show them that as long as you put your mind to it, things could be done if you really want it.”

“All Gas, No Brakes,” said Cuadrado after a recent sparring session at Brotherhood Boxing Gym, located in Brooklyn, NY. 

Image Credit: Abella Boxing Promotions

Tickets are surging for Bergen County Fight Night 2. Don’t miss out on the action; tickets are still available on Eventbrite. 


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