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Left-Handed Slugger for the Boston Red Sox: Rafael Devers

📸 Photo Credit: Bill Menzel/ Latino Sports

NEW YORK — “When will we get baseball back?” “Why can’t MLB get it together?” These are the common questions we’ve heard all week within the sports industry. As commissioner, Rob Manfred canceled the first two series of the season, which totals six games. It’s been a rough week for Major League Baseball in all facets. Despite all the business negotiations proceeding, we at Latino Sports continue with our Meet The Player thread. 

To start off, I would like to state why we introduce you to particular MLB players. All professional baseball athletes across the world are talented. However, a select few are engraved in the sport in part to more than just their skillset. Individuals who show more than just elite statistics. These players display their expertise through their passion and love for the game. 

With all that being said, next up in our Meet The Player thread is the left-handed slugger for the Boston Red Sox: Rafael Devers. Yes, the majority of baseball fans know who Devers is. Nonetheless, did you know, he has the most postseason RBIs (26) in MLB history for a player younger than 25 years of age? Did you know, Devers had the most hits (201) in Red Sox single-season history for a player younger than age 23? Well, now you are fully aware. Rafael Devers is a full-out stud. 

Devers was born in Sánchez, Dominican Republic. Sánchez is one of thirty-two provinces in the Dominican Republic. Located on the south coast of the Samaná peninsula, the town of Sánchez is a trending spot in tourism and is known for its fishing ports. 

In 2013, the Red Sox signed Devers at 16 years old. He was a highly coveted prospect, known to be one of the most talented left-handed bats throughout the minors. He made his professional MLB debut in July of 2017. In his second game in the majors, Devers hit a home run against Seattle Mariners pitcher Andrew Moore, marking his first MLB career hit. 

If it’s on the field or even in the dugout, you can always catch Devers smiling. He was given the nickname “Carita” which means “babyface” as a child since he’s always happy and grinning with a bright smile. During the 2019 MLB Players Weekend, Devers selected the nickname “Carita”  for his uniform. 

We’ve heard the saying before, “Legends are made in October”. This type of player shows up in various postseason scenarios for his squad. They deliver in clutch moments. Devers is the definition of clutch. He is the type of player that gravitates towards pressure. No moment is too big for Devers. 

Rafael Devers postseason stats (2017, 2018, 2021):

.303 batting average, 26 RBIs .382 on-base percentage, 27 hits 

📸 Photo Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

Devers is a finalist for the 32nd Annual, Latino Sports American League Most Valuable Player award. 

Red Sox fans have experienced Devers’ clutch presence in multiple postseason moments. As the Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers (4-1) and became the 2018 World Series champions. Devers showed up in the biggest scenarios for Boston in their historic postseason run. The Boston fans celebrated yet another Red Sox championship, which marked their fourth title in 14 years (2004, 2007, 2013, 2018). 

Rafael Devers 2021 regular season stats:

.279 batting average, 38 home runs, 113 RBIs, .352 on-base percentage

📸 Photo Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

In 156 games played last season, Devers showed that he is durable as heck. He was selected to his first All-Star Game as a third base starter for the American League. To add to his historic season, Devers was named the third base American League Silver Slugger winner, which is voted on by the managers and coaches.

Devers will continue his impact on the playing diamond once the season starts back up. You can follow Rafael Devers on Instagram: @rafael.devers

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