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Letter From Hereafter From John (Monte) Ward For All Players

“It is very rude to speak with an empty mind” … Joseph McKadew.-

Merry Christmas! I say, right?


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) .- My dear big leaguers 2020…: I’m John Montgómery Ward, better known as “Monte”. I write to you during this Christmas period, to express my satisfaction at seeing Marvin Miller elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. He turned baseball into a different business.

I was the first leader of the big leaguers to confront the owners of teams, when in 1885, I founded the Brotherhood of Professional BaseBall Players, the first association of professional athletes. I had just graduated as a lawyer from Columbia University, since I was big leaguer and I also studied.

My mission was to end the reservation clause. But I could not, even when I managed to put the Players League to work in 1890, the League of the players. We were successful, but the pressure of the traditional owners was very strong and we only played that one year.

Our fees would make players today to laugh. I arrived in the majors as a pitcher, in 1878, I charged $ 600 for the season and I had to pay for the washing of my uniform. My biggest salary in the 17 years as a big leaguer was seven thousand dollars for the 1891 season. And I was the one who threw the second perfect game in the majors, on June 17, 1880, with Providence versus the Buffalo Bisons and Pud Galvin, who is in the Hall of Fame. I beat them 5-0.

The first perfect was game was by Lee Richmond on June 12, five days before. But the third perfect in the National League was not seen until 84 years later, by Jim Bunning, in 1964.

Well, and in 1879 I won 47 games, with 19 losses and 2.15 ERA.

Finally, with the injured arm, I dedicated myself to playing as shortstop, and sometimes at second base.

That was a fierce fight, which I believe has achieved success, thanks to Miller and his followers as leaders of the players.

The Veterans Committee in 1964 elected me to the Hall of Fame, which is why I consider myself very honored.

Merry Christmas, hugs, Monte.


Delays.- ** Monte Ward remained 17 years as a big league star and also as a big league Manager. His total pay during that period was 41 thousand 50 dollars, which today a rookie can earn for only one and a half days in the Major… ** Monte was born on March 3, 1860, in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and died one day after turning 65, on March 4, 1925 … ** The life of this character is an example of work, creativity, perseverance, insistence, solidarity and love for humanity. It takes a few John Montgómery’ (Mount) Ward more in this world … ** His remains rest in Greenfield Cemetery, Hampstead, Long Island, New York …

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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