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Letter From The Hereafter From Home Run Baker For Kris Bryant

“Where they want you, stay”… Victor Hugo.-

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – My Dear Kris …: I’m Frank (Home Run) Baker. I write to you because like you I was third baseman. And because I want to congratulate you, and I congratulate the Cubs and I congratulate myself, for your decision to stay in Chicago, under the chlorophyll sugars that Wrigley Field’s vines expel.

In Chicago they adore you, and love you must pay with love. If not, with what?

In addition, the previous home is always better, however deficient it is, compared to the future one, always dangerous because it is unknown. You will do very well in Chicago, you will play soon in another World Series and they will win, I tell you.

On the other hand, your contract is nothing bad, 18 million 600 thousand dollars for this year’s season! Imagine, in my whole life as a major league player, which was 13 seasons, seven with the Athletics, six with the Yankees, until 1922, I earned just 73 thousand 499 dollars. And that they called me Home Run Baker, because I used to connect home runs with runners at the bases.

It was a time of dead ball, or few homers. But I was a leader four times, imagine, in 1911 with 12, but with, 115 RBI’s; in 1912 with 10, 130 RBI’s; 1913 with 12, 117 driven; 1914, nine, 89 RBI’s. Well, I finished in my 13 seasons, with 96 home runs and 991 RBI’s. Not bad, right?.

You have been a valuable bigleauer, with 138 homers in just five seasons, and 403 RBI’s . Of course, that includes the 31 home runs, the 77 runs in, the 35 doubles and the average of 282 last year, when they paid you 12 million 900 thousand dollars.

You still have arbitrations, and in 2022 you can be a free agent. I hope they sign you before a multimillion dollar extension that will keep you in Chicago for your entire career.

You know that, not only for 2020, but forever, I wish you the best health and the best seasons at bat and third base.

Hugs from your friend in the distance, Frank.

CHALLENGES: Signed in dollars by some teams this year. Rockies: 0, Pirates: one million, Mariners: two million 950 thousand, Orioles: three million, Royals: three million 600 thousand, Indians: six million 250 thousand, Athletics: seven million 500 thousand, Giants: nine million, Red Sox: nine million, Dodgers: 10 million, Rays: 12 million, Cardinals: 13 million, Astros: 15 million, Cubs: 18.6 million, Rangers: 49 million 500 thousand, Braves: 99 million 800 thousand, Reds: 100 million, Diamondbacks: 103 million 600 thousand, Blue Jays: 108 million, Phillies: 132 million, White Sox 195 million 500 thousand, Angels: 260 million 900 thousand, Nationals: 314 million 800 thousand, Yankees: 336 million 500 thousand.

ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the recent archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, on the internet, entering by “sport returns to unite us”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

@ juanvene5

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