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Loáisiga Award Presentation Appreciated By Many

South Bronx, NY: Many fans, Latino workers, security, and NYPD throughout the stadium had smiles on their faces and congratulating me yesterday after seeing the pre-game on field award presentation for Jonathan Loáisiga, the young Yankee reliever from Nicaraguan receive his 2021 AL LatinoMVP Relief Pitcher/Closer Award.

Maz Adams, Jonathan Loáisiga and Julio Pabón presenting the award. (Photo Bill Menzel, Latino Sports)

The Yankees put on a great display of both his award, a beautiful watercolor portrait done by known sports artist, Maz Adams and the logo for the award featuring Latino Sports, the Latino Sports Writers and Broadcasters Association (LSWBA) and MLB. Most of the salutations came from Latinos fans who had never witnessed something like this, as one fans expressed, “so Latino in the stadium”. “I’m so proud to see and hear the word Latino being mentioned and a Latino organization giving a Latino player an award. I’m glad I brought my three children and that they all got a chance to witness the event,” stated Adam Flores who regularly comes to the stadium.

I heard many words of praises from others throughout the stadium as I walked up to the highest levels of the stadium to see many friends and family that came to witness the event thanks to the Yankees providing free tickets to the community. Pastor, Fernando Cabrera that had over 30 parishioners at the game from another organization that provided tickets said, “So proud of you. Events like this make all of us proud.”

Image credit: Major League Baseball

I understand that the pride that many felt was not so much for a player receiving an award, but that it was a Latino player, awarded by a Latino organization and given the same highlight as any other major award that they had seen in the past at the stadium. But this time it felt different because it touched them, because they identified with the award. That connection is hard to feel in a baseball game event, but many felt it yesterday. Latino Sports is proud to team up with MLB to promote these prestigious awards that many are equating to the Latin Grammy’s of baseball.

Congratulations to MLB and the New York Yankees for supporting to make the award presentation for Jonathan Loáisiga, much more than an award presentation, but a call to every Latino that baseball supports and respects our growing, but not often highlighted Latino community.


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