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Looking Back to Our LatinoMVP Awards Delivered In 2020. Now Looking forward to awarding in 2021?

South Bronx, NY: Latino Sports is proud to have been recognizing the best of the Latino baseball players since the first one in 1990,  Texas Rangers outfielder, Ruben Sierra for his 1989 season. Since then, we have been awarding Latino players with the prestigious LatinoMVP Award. The award has become the most popular award given to Latino baseball players as recognized and also sponsored by the Latino Sports Writers & Broadcasters Association (LSWBA) and Major League Baseball.

A.L. LatinoMVP, Gleyber Torres. Painting by James Fiorentino.

This year we celebrated our 30th Annual award, making it the oldest and most respected award given to Latino baseball players. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we were held back from all of the hoopla we wanted to promote for each of the 2019 winners. However, thanks to our sponsor, MLB who also helped facilitate our communication with each of the winner’s team’s media departments we were able to award each player remotely and it could not have come at a better time for the players who were basically playing in isolation from reporters and fans.

When the players were given their awards in their respective locker rooms the smiles on their faces

were worth the many obstacles, we had to overcome to get the

Rendón, N.L. LatinoMVP. Painting by James Fiorentino

awards made, delivered to us and then for us to package and mail or deliver to every Media Department head for each player and follow-up with pictures, comments from each player to share with their fans. We want to thank Pat Courtney: Chief Communications Officer and John Blundell: Vice President, Communications and all the media department heads for the winning players teams who made this difficult shortened isolated season a better day for each recipient of the award.

Thank You: Jason Zillo, NY Yankees; Harold Kaufman, NY Mets; Dustin Morse, Minn. Twins; Kyle Brostowitz, Wash. Nationals; Gene Dias, Houston Astros; Matt Birch, Adam Chodzko, and Grace McNamee, LA Angels

So now moving forward to 2021 for our 2020 awards we are asking our friends, followers and trusted fans and colleagues to help us decide who do you think were the best Latino players for this 2020 shortened baseball season?

Your selection should be based on who you think were the best players in the following categories for both American & National League. You could name up to three players for each position.

LatinoMVP All around best player? American League & National League

LatinoMVP best pitcher? American League & National League

LatinoMVP best reliever/set up/ closer? American League & National League

LatinoMVP best rookie? American League & National League

LatinoMVP best comeback player? American League & National League

We look forward to our 31st annual awards and hopefully we will be able to once again resume and give the awards in person, if not we know that nothing can stop us from providing baseball with another set of awards that helps puts smiles on so many players, their families and fans.

All 2019 LatinoMVP winners. Drawings & design by John Pennisi. (Latino Sports)

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