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Luis Castillo Finally Gets His 2020 Award

Luis Castillo receiving his 2020 LatinMVP award in Reds training facility in Goodyear, AZ (Photo Latino Sports)

Goodyear, AZ: “It was two years’ worth waiting” stated Luis Castillo after receiving his 2020 LatinoMVP award for winning the National League LatinoMVP Pitcher of the year award.

Luis was very happy to learn that he had won the award and was very surprised to see that his award was a framed painting done by Latino Sports contributor, Maz Adams. Luis could not take his eyes off the award since Maz captured several of the details that relate to him, his Dominican Flag, his mannerism, and a stone since he is nickname is “La Piedra” the stone.

Luis is a jokester and strong God loving individual. One of the first things he stated after my introduction explaining the award and why it has taken two years to get it to him was, “Thank God for this award and for you who have been looking for me for two years” We both laughed.

He then explained how proud he was to win the award. He stated that he did not know about the awards, or that he had won it. He again joked and stated, “but now I know that it exists because you have travelled here to the desert to present me this beautiful award.” He continued in a more serious tone stating how grateful he was to learn of the award and be one of its recipients along with the many others who have won in the 32-year history.

Luis was glad to learn of the LatinoMVP award being given specifically to Latino baseball players. He explained that reaching the major leagues is like an adventure. He sympathized with the many who are in the minor leagues trying to reach their dream of making it to the big leagues. He stated how those who have reached the big leagues like himself need to see this as a gift from God and thus need to continue to take advantage of the moment and with this award be the motivation for many of them to reach their goal.

Luis wants to continue to stay healthy and thanked and asked God to bless all of us in Latino Sports.

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