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Major League Baseball (MLB) will continue to honor Roberto Clemente in its own way and in perpetuity.

The following article was translated from El Vocero de Puerto Rico newspaper.


MLB negotiated for all Puerto Rican players to wear the number 21 of El Grande again, on the uniforms of their respective teams today, September 15, a date that will be officially set as Roberto Clemente Day in the Major Leagues.

That date also marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Likewise, MLB extended the honor of wearing the number 21 to all personnel of Puerto Rican descent, winners and nominees of the Roberto Clemente Award, and any player who so requests.

“For all of us Latinos who have played in the Major Leagues and have had to deal with many obstacles, difficulties and challenges, Clemente is a source of inspiration that we need to move forward, pursue our dreams and be an example for others within and off the pitch, ”said Puerto Rican receiver for the San Luis Cardinals, Yadier Molina, in statements collected by ESPN.

Molina is the active Puerto Rican player with the most seasons, 18, in the Major Leagues.

Last year, during the season of the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19), MLB allowed Puerto Rican players to wear the number 21 on their uniforms after receiving authorization from the family of the former Pittsburgh Pirates family.

Pirates players – a team for which Clemente played for 18 seasons – wore the number 21 on their uniforms for the first time. This year they will repeat the tribute again.

Rivera also stressed that all players, managers and coaches will wear a patch with the number 21 to commemorate the historic legacy of Clemente.

The official Roberto Clemente Day logo will be marked on the bases and on the roster card located in the dugout.

MLB has made it clear that it has no interest – according to Luis Roberto Clemente, Jr., in a recent interview with EL VOCERO – in retiring the number 21 for life from the Major Leagues, as it did with Jackie Robinson’s 42.

In addition to celebrating Roberto Clemente Day, MLB has stated that its most important award, which was previously that of the Commissioner, bears the name of the Puerto Rican star.

Yadier Molina wearing 3 21 last season. (Photo courtesy of

Yesterday, the 30 clubs announced their nominees for the Roberto Clemente Award 2021, among which 18 appear for the first time on the list. This is the most prestigious individual honor for Major League Baseball players, highlighting their philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors.

Clemente tragically died in a plane crash on December 31, 1972, when he was bringing humanitarian aid to Nicaragua, a country that was hit by an earthquake.

The following year, he was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, becoming the first Puerto Rican to arrive in Cooperstown

Clemente won two World Series in 1960 and 1971 – when he was the Most Valuable Player – and 12 Gold Gloves.

He was also the Most Valuable Player in the 1966 season and achieved four batting titles.

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