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Make The Fight: Benavidez Deserves Canelo

Stepanie Trapp/Showtime

New York: David Benavidez came home to Phoenix Saturday night and accomplished more than a homecoming win over Kyrone Davis. The former 168-pound champion made a statement with a commanding seventh-round TKO.

It is time for Benavidez to get his opportunity against Canelo Alvarez and challenge for the unified super middleweight titles.

Davis, a late replacement because Jose Uzcategui failed a drug test, took a barrage of punches and his corner threw in the towel. So this was a good victory for Benavidez in an attempt to oppose unified champion Canelo Alvarez.

Yes, it is now time for the WBC and other sanctioning organizations to sanction a fight that Benavidez deserves and it has to be against Canelo Alvarez.

How do they do it, when, where? All of that will transpire in the days and months ahead. Benavidez, though, rightfully deserves the opportunity and does not care where an eventual fight would take place.

“Everybody wants to see me against Canelo, right,” Benavidez said Saturday night. “They need to give me the opportunity. I’ll go through anybody in front of me. Whoever they want me to go through.”

Benavidez mentioned Jermall Charlo, who by the way has been calling out Alvarez. Last week, after Alvarez unified the 168-pound titles with a win over Caleb Plant, it was Charlo immediately making his pitch.

But all of this is not in the hands of Benavidez or Charlo. It’s in those hands of the WBC and various alphabet soup boxing organizations,whol came to the table and allowed Alvarez to become the first unified 168-pound champion in the four belt era.

Though, what matters is Benavidez and his team have to run through the usual politics of boxing. The fight with Davis was not a title eliminator and that changed when he became the new opponent for Benavidez.

Regardless, 10-rounds with Davis should not have mattered as opposed to 12-rounds of title elimination status. Again, that’s boxing politics and Benavidez was put in that situation of circumstances beyond his control.

In the meantime. Alvarez has cemented a legacy as the first to unify titles at 168, which matters and was historic. It was a goal that was achieved. To me, Alvarez has bypassed the legend Julio Cesar Chavez as the greatest fighter to come out of Mexico and their first unified champion.

Benavidez, 24-years old, said he has 15 more years to establish his time as an all-time great. Perhaps losing the title twice because of obstacles have prevented Benavidez from standing alone in the division or vying for titles at other weights.

In the illustrious years of boxing history there have been many names and fights that go in the record books. I can look at the Hagler, Hearns. Leonard, and Duran era when the four dominated a rivalry.

Then, not like now, putting mega fights together was not as difficult with two major promoters, Don King and Bob Arum in control. HBO was the main television network and the alphabet sanctioned organizations were limited to the WBC and WBA.

And years progressed as more of this alphabet soup joined the party including the IBF, WBO, to name a few. Though the unified and rare title opportunities are usually put on the table with the Mexico City based WBC.

You can understand why this is called boxing politics. And David Benavidez, with the credentials and plowing through opponents in the super middleweight division, deserves this title opportunity and rights to meet Canelo Alvarez.

“I know that I don’t have that one-punch knockout power but I’m going to be ready to get you every single round.” Benavidez said after landing 181 of 382 pinches thrown at Davis. But that ability to throw and land body punches have been effective.

Punches to the body coming from Alvarez have also put down one challenge after another. But in boxing circles, when you talk about who can withstand the power of an Alvarez punch to the body, and be effective with power and punches to Alvarez, most are talking about David Benavidez.

Benavidez landed 47.4% of his attempts and Davis, 54, according to CompuBox. Benavidez made his claim and believes he has the better shot to dethrone Alvarez.

“I have the most power in the division besides Canelo,” he said. “I have longer arms, as much as speed , possibly even better and as much power, too. I’m Just hungry for this opportunity.”

Hungry is one thing. But the power here will be punches from the Benavidez team as they will petition the WBC this week to make the fight. And for boxing and the super middleweight division, this is a fight that needs to happen.

Alvarez is looking at a ring return in May. That is perfect timing for the new boxing season and King at 168. More so, I beg to differ with those that believe David Benavidez does not deserve the opportunity…

THROWING THE PUNCHES: Homecoming for former 140lb interim champion Jose Benavidez Jr. as a middleweight was not as good as it was for his brother after a layoff of 37 months.

In fact “Three Blind Mice” at ringside got him a home 10-round majority draw and it was clear that Emanuel Torres was the better fighter. According to the CompuBox, Torres threw 612 punches to the 375 thrown by Benavidez….

Two judges had it 95-95, another 96-94 for Benavidez. I had it 96-94 for Totrres, and it’s difficult to understand how two could score this one even, though it may have come down to 32.5 body punches that Benavidez landed…

“I think I did all I could to win,” said Gabriel Rosado after losing a 12-round middleweight decision to WBC and WBO N0, 1 ranked Jaime Munguia that was streamed on DAZN.

Rosado said, “The scorecards are bullshit. I won the fight. Judges had it 118-110, 119-109, 117-111. Give or take a few rounds, Munguia won a hard earned decision but the scorecards were too wide.

More so, where does the 35-year old Rosado go from here? He showed no indication of this being his last fight. And, Rosado has been a rejuvenated fighter since taking on Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach…

Rich Mancuso: Twitter@Ring786 Facebook,.com/Rich Mancuso

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