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Mazatlan Is Partying As In Their Carnivals

“Today, April Fools’ Day, is no longer celebrated because years ago the innocents in this little ball we call the world are over … J.V.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – Mazatlan, with its laaarge kilometers of enchanted beaches and its carnivals and festive fair, cheerful, jovial, cordial and friendly, lives now, when 2020 comes with another significant, very special party.

For the first time a Mazatleco, José Urquidy, has won a World Series game, last October, with the Astros and against the Nationals. For that feat of international resonance, they will deliver on Friday, January 3, the Keys to the city to the 24-year-old boy, who achieved his victory, just three months after being called up to the Major Leagues and after four seasons for the minors .

The Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, will deliver the Key to Urquidy, on the stage of the majestic Angela Peralta Theater, with the presence of Director of the Municipal Sports Institute, Humberto Álvarez Osuna, and with all seats occupied by baseball fans and proud Mazatlecos. A friendly hug in the distance for José and for all of Mazatlan!

Rockies emphasize: “We Are Not Letting Go of Arenado”

Why did the rumor of the Rockies wanting to leave rid themselves of the Californian native third baseman, Nolan Arenado? And another question whose answer would be more important …: Who invented such a lie?

What is certain is that the owner of the Denver team, Dick Montford; the general manager, Jeff Bridden; and the manager, Buddy Bell; They have all stressed that they would not have retained the slugger with a multi-year contract that began this year 2019, if they had thought about letting him go. Seven years remain of that contract, for which Arenado will receive $234 million dollars. This young man, 28, is considered the best third baseman in the big leagues at the moment. “I’m not interested in any of that talk about moving me to another team,” Arenado said yesterday, “what I do is prepare myself to the fullest, just like I do every year.”

Aromas of spring training spread on roads.

At the beginning of 2020, the traditional trucks loaded with what is necessary for training will leave the 30 major league stadiums. Vehicles that roll to Arizona and Florida, in order to prepare the clubhouses of the spring headquarters.

Most teams have cited pitchers and catchers for February 16th., and the 18th. Full workouts begin. Exhibition games will begin on the 22nd.

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