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Meet the Quick, Crafty 24-year-old Boxer: Carlos Vanegas Nuñez

📸 Photo Credit: Robert Rizzo/Latino Sports

New Rochelle, New York- Boxing season has begun with action-packed battles across the world. This spring and summer, we will have the top tier talents going at it in the ring. Let me start off by stating: Boxers across the world deserve more praise on all standards. These men and women put their bodies and mental health on the line every day. Doesn’t matter if it’s strength+conditioning, in the ring practice, muscle repetition drills, changing your diet regime. The boxers do it all. 

Boxers go toe for toe consistently in the ring. However, we need to mention that they are just like all of us. Boxers must face uphill life battles similar to the rest of our society. These types of athletes go toe for toe in the ring, but also deal with life’s hardships 24/7, 365 days a year. 

This past Saturday, writer Rich Mancuso and I sat down and met with a bunch of fighters in New Rochelle at Champs Boxing Club. Gaining their perspectives on the boxing industry and being able to catch some of their daily workouts. Boxers such as Keon Ivory, Clement Quartey, Robert Terry and especially Carlos Vanegas Nuñez were a joy to chat with. All four of these guys have the talent to have boxing arenas filled with electrifying emotion and thrill. We will go deeper into depth about one of them today. 

Carlos Vanegas Nuñez is a 24-year-old pro-boxer out of Port Chester, New York. He is a well-rounded young man, who provided his takes on a bunch of topics as well as his own life background. His mother was born and raised in Ecuador and has shown Carlos the Ecuadorian heritage to the fullest. 

📸 Photo Credit: Robert Rizzo/Latino Sports

Carlos was born in Port Chester and had boxing on his mind since just 12 years old. He actually had his first boxing fight at only 14 years old. I was shocked when he stated this since these types of individuals are one of a kind. You don’t meet such talented bright-hearted people who dive into the boxing world at such a young age everyday.

Carlos stated what motivated him at such a young age, into becoming a fighter in the sport we all love and cherish. “I was always a scrappy kid, getting into trouble in school. And my uncle fights muay thai professionally, so he put me into the muay thai gym. Put the pad up to my leg, kicked me. Said I’m not doing this. He put me in the boxing gym. I put those gloves on and fell in love. I never left. It taught me discipline and I think it saved my life, to be honest.” 

Carlos has shown that he is an elite and skilled boxer within the featherweight division. He fights in the orthodox style. He has and remains to promote Ecuador to the fullest at any moment he gets. Carlos stated, “There’s not many Ecuadorian boxers. I’m trying to put Ecuador on the map. And Westchester County on the map, so I represent anywhere I go.”

From 2016-2018, Carlos developed his skills, competing amateurally at the well-known Golden Gloves event held in New York.  Carlos is not just mastering his craft in the ring. He learned the ins and outs of car repair by becoming a mechanic through trade school. He has well-developed mental skills that translate to his physical abilities with going punch for punch against opponents. 

Vanegas Nuñez stated “I’ve had a full-time job for 5 years now and still manage to be in the gym two-times a day.” Step back and imagine that type of lifestyle. Most people can’t get to the gym once or twice a week. On the other hand, Carlos takes advantage of every hour of the day, whether it’s his car repair service or in the gym getting stronger. He even provides overtime when available. Carlos does it all. 

Carlos mentioned that he studies the sport and watches fights any chance he gets. Although the 5’4 upcoming star has developed so quickly in his early boxing career. Carlos is consistently developing and bettering his craft. “I watch a lot of boxing. I like the older fighters like Arturo Gatti and Machu Picchu”. He ended with Roy Jones Jr, in regards to which fighters he watches daily. As you can see, Carlos is a student of the game and at the same time, intensifies the boxing industry as a whole.

As it relates to the professional boxing world, Carlos was asked who is the top pound-for-pound fighter in today’s industry: “I would say Terrence Crawford. I like the way he switches stances.”

Carlos is his biggest critic and watches his past fights “100s of times”. He learns from his fights before and adjusts it to the next one. For example in regards to his latest fight on August 28th, 2021 against Victorino González. “In my last fight I thought I could use my jab a little more. So we came into this training camp just to jab, jab, jab.” Vanegas Nuñez won the bout in a split decision which lasted all six rounds. The fight took place in Myrtle Beach, Virginia at Crown Reef Resort. 

In his pro boxing career (5 fights), Vanegas Nuñez has an 80% knockout percentage. Extremely impressive for any age and weight class. He stands undefeated in his pro career, 5-0. In the 125 pound weight range, he looks to keep the pace going. 

Carlos wants people to remember his fights. You know, the ones that I’m talking about. The battles that come to mind instantly are the Arturo Gatti/Andre Ward trilogy. He went into depth on one of his favorite fighters, Arturo Gatti, and how he relates to his own boxing methods. “His style. He never had a boring fight. You will never hear Arturo Gatti and Boring in the same sentence. And that’s what I’d like my career to go to. Never a boring fight. Always bringing the action.” 

📸 Photo Credit: Robert Rizzo/Latino Sports

He added with “I want to bring the non-boring fight. That’s what I try to do. Just push the pace. Fan friendly fighting. So if the fight is boring and he wants to box, I’m chasing him.” 

Promoted by Abella Boxing, Carlos’s upcoming fight is set for next month, April 2nd, in the Bergen County Fight Night. He will go up against Charles Clark in a featherweight division battle at The Terrace in Paramus, New Jersey. 28-year-old Clarke, has a 3-9-1 record in 13 bouts throughout his career. Doors open at 6pm for VIP and 7pm for general admission. Tickets are still available!

You can follow Carlos on Instagram.

Instagram: @cvanegas914

Robert Rizzo Social Media 

Instagram: @Rrizzo4

Twitter: @drizzyrizz

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