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Mets Strike Again: Correa joins Lindor in Orange & Blue

Image Credit: MLB/World Baseball Classic

NEW YORK– Have trouble wrapping your head around what transpired on the east coast early Wednesday morning? Join in with the rest of the baseball industry as superstar Carlos Correa is no longer on his way to the Bay Area, but rather, heading to the Big Apple to become a New York Met, multiple sources say. From Coast to Coast…

Through a chain of drastic events including issues with a physical, resulting in a canceled introductory press conference this past Tuesday — Correas’ reported 13 year/$350 million mega-deal with the San Francisco Giants, had fallen through, opening the door for the two-time All Star and his player-agent Scott Boras to seek alternative options.  

Giants ownership released the following statement on the situation: 

‘While we are prohibited from disclosing confidential medical information, as Scott Boras stated publicly, there was a difference of opinion over the results of Carlos’ physical examination. We wish Carlos the best.”

Formulating into one of the most surprising twists and turns in MLB offseason history, Correa is now in agreement to join New York on a 12-year/$315 million contract, spanning from 2023-2034 with an AAV projected at $26.25 million. 

Somehow, someway, Mets owner Steve Cohen or as many call, ‘Uncle Stevie’ strikes again. But at what cost? 

With the signing of Correa, the Mets projected 2023 CBT (Competitive Balance Tax) stands at $384 million — with $111 million in penalties included, upwards to a $495 million payroll. 

A lucrative amount of cash spent, but, as Cohen recently stated to the New York Post, “What the hecks the difference? If you’re going to make the move, make the move.” 

Image Credit: MLB/New York Mets

Piling on with their offseason additions, Cohen and the Mets brass dished out a total of $806.1 million in future contracts for nine players. 

Correa ($315M)

Brandon Nimmo ($162M)

Edwin Díaz ($102M)

Justin Verlander ($86.6M)

Kodai Senga ($75M)

José Quintana ($26M)

Omar Narváez ($14.5M)

Adam Ottavino ($14.5M)

David Robertson ($10M)

“We needed one more thing and this is it,” Cohen added. “This was important… This puts us over the top. This is a good team. I hope it’s a good team.”

The 28-year-old, of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, Correa will likely finish the remainder of his playing career at Citi Field, paired alongside Francisco Lindor; his teammate for Puerto Rico in previous World Baseball Classics. 

Regardless of an luxurious left-side of the infield, picturing a Mets lineup constructed one-five with Nimmo, Correa, Lindor, Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil, creates complete mayhem on opposing pitchers and managerial decisions. 

From a production standpoint, each of the five players listed, hit above a .269 batting average with a minimum of nine HR and 62 RBI in 2022. 

“This is a game-changer for the Mets now,” a longtime baseball scout said. “They have become a powerhouse. A lot can happen over a long season and a grueling postseason, but they certainly put themselves at the top of the pile.” 

Image Credit: Major League Baseball

A game-changer indeed, with tons of postseason experience on his resume, Correa adds a winning moxy across a Mets clubhouse attempting to achieve the franchise’s first World Series championship since 1986.

As my colleague and Latino Sports senior writer Rich Mancuso mentioned in – The Mets: Unprecedented Move With Correa – “the richest owner in baseball, pulled a fast one. Unprecedented and a bat in the lineup that should propel the Mets to where they want to be in October.”

Heading into 2023 with Steve Cohen’s Mets continuing to spend, it’s only a matter of time until they strike again. And for this occasion, Cohen landed Correa in orange and blue.

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Robert Rizzo writes for Latino Sports

Follow on Twitter: @RobertRiz994


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  1. Julio Pabón

    December 22, 2022 at 11:16 am

    Excellent article on this incredible and surprising baseball move. The Mets are now a team that many here in Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican’s throughout the diaspora would want to root for.

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