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Mr. Cohen and the Mets need to do the right thing for Jorge López – Designating him for “assignment” was not the right thing to do.

Jorge López was named an American League LatinoMVP Reliever of the Year finalist in 2022 - Image Credit: Latino Sports/PhotoRoom

CABO ROJO, PR — As an interpreter that I was for over 30 years and running my own interpreting firm, Morivivi Language Services for over twenty-eight years, I have never seen anything worst when it comes to interpreting what a Spanish dominant person has said in English than what recently occurred with NY Mets pitcher, Jorge López. This was a tragedy of public relations justice that unnecessarily crucified this young Puerto Rican player simply for not understanding what he really said.

The incident occurred after last Wednesday’s 10-3 meltdown loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. López flung his glove into the stands after being ejected Wednesday, and, after the game, he appeared to say he played for the “worst team in the whole f—ing MLB.”

He was criticized by his manager, Carlos Mendoza who called the action “unacceptable.” In addition, in what appears as the team shooting from the hip, or in this case the “lips” in a matter of hours they announced Wednesday night to designate López for assignment, a move that was made official Thursday afternoon.

His perceived comments immediately went viral on social media and every sports news source carried the apparent statement all crucifying López for what they interpreted him saying. The fact is that Jorge López did not say he played for the “worst team in the whole f—ing MLB.” What he said and if you listen carefully was that “he was playing the worst in the whole f—ing MLB.”  It was a shame that López who was obviously frustrated with his performance, and being ejected was also the victim of a language misinterpretation that made him appear to be this reckless, “don’t give a s—t” about his team, type player. No one bothered to perhaps talk to him in Spanish, or the reporter that interviewed him could have asked for the interpreter to assure that what he thought he heard was indeed accurate. That would have been a small price to pay for preventing the backlash that Jorge experienced.

To top it off, no one took the time to also learn that López and his wife Karla are also going through some rough personal times because their 11-year-old son, Mikael suffers from Familial Mediterranean fever since birth and is waiting for an intestinal transplant. That also must put a lot of pressure on this young 31-year-old player from the small town of Cayey, Puerto Rico that he had to leave to provide better health services for his son.

The Mets should do the right thing and help López rather than release him. Each team has access to some of the best health care affordable to anyone. Why not offer psychological counseling to López and perhaps to his wife. Instead of what appears the Mets “shooting from the Hips,” perhaps they should shoot from their hearts and help López deal with his frustration and family stress. Who knows they might help López find his mojo and become a key pitcher in the bullpen that the Mets are in desperate need of. I have met the Mets owner; Mr. Steve Cohen and I believe that he is a better person than the way the team has treated Jorge López during this period.

These two early weeks in June are all about the Puerto Ricans in New York City promoting their pride. June 8th 21-year-old Puerto Rican middleweight Xander Zayas will hope to start his boxing era at the Theater in Madison Square Garden.

June 8th, the annual 116th Street festival will celebrate Puerto Rican pride with hundreds of vendors, food, music and have close to a million visitors.

June 9th the 66th Annual Puerto Rican Day parade will kick off along 5th Avenue bringing Puerto Ricans from throughout the United States and Puerto Rico they expect approximately one million spectators and many more millions of viewers.

The Mets should use this early June surge of Puerto Rican pride to do the right thing for Jorge López and his family.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Julian

    June 6, 2024 at 2:05 pm

    Good read and upsetting situation for sure

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