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My Big Mistake In This Goodbye To 2019

“BUBBLE. Sorceress traveling in an air or gas balloon ”… Ignacio Priego, in“ Escala ”.-

Merry Christmas! … I say, right ?.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE)- The mistake of the year. How good to be wrong when so many friends correct me, I am human! I gave myself a sovereign Christmas slip with the Venezuelan pitcher of higher fees in the majors, publishing to answer Marcos A. Bandrés his question …: “What has been the best salary of a Venezuelan pitcher?”. I replied …: Freddy García is the pitcher from Venezuela who has received the highest fees, 10 million dollars from the Phillies, in 2007. The good thing has been that I have dozens of messages correcting me back. Like Nelson Jiménez’s …: “Félix Hernández and Johán Santana, didn’t they sign for more money than Freddy? ”… Fabio Reyes…:“ Johán Santana charged more than 10 million with Minnesota and Félix Hernández is the one with the largest contract, 175 million for seven years at a rate of 25 million per year ” … Nelson Gómez …: “I think the Venezuelan pitcher with higher salary is Félix Hernández” … .: Marcial González D …: “And what about Félix Hernández?” … Well, there were 189 emails on the matter. Impossible to answer them all.

Friends of the corrections …: I am very grateful that, as a Christmas gift, I have been written with such enthusiasm, kindness, respect and affection, to inform me of the error. And they have all have good reason. My sincere apologies. Well, now I publish what I have earned in all, in all their careers for the three of history …: Félix Hernández, 217 million 500 dollars; Johán Santana, 161 million 497 thousand 269; Freddy García, 55 million 500 thousand.

SABR pride, close to its 50 years. – The Society for America Baseball Research (SABR) is the pride of the world of baseball. It was founded in 1971, almost fifty. I have been a member since 1972, at the invitation of fellow journalist Cliff Kachline. Look at the message of our current president, Mark Armor…: “Friends members: SABR has been one of the great sayings in my life, it has helped me make many friends and have hundreds of lively conversations in dozens of meetings and in 26 National Conventions . What I always say to those who plan to become members: ‘If you love baseball, in SABR you will find only people who love it like you. And here you will live many reasons to want it more. I entered SABR 37 years ago, just out of College, because I wanted to know more about baseball and because I wanted to cooperate in research. It has been an immense pleasure to work in dozens of cases with such valuable friends, until I reach my current position. I have never felt better about the future of our sport. ”

ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the recent archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota” on the internet, entering by “sport unites us again”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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