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My New Year’s Wish List

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE) . My dear New Year wish list. I behaved well and I ask you for the following…

1) The Yankees ask the New Year, a catcher to hit like Yogi Berra, but behind the plate he would play like, Elston Howard.

2) The Marlins, that Derek Jeter has finished graduating as a team owner.

3) The Rays ask 30,000 people to buy tickets for each game of all seasons.

4) The Mets ask for a manager like Yogi Berra, who did not win with them, but entertained everyone, even his players.

5) The Red Sox ask Alex Cora to meet again with the fluid winners of 2018.

6) The Reds ask for a Great Red Machinery, similar to that of 1975.

7) The Cardinals, a hitter like Albert Pujols, whom they let go in 2011.

8) The $ Pirates $, for the formula to preserve their $star players.

9) The Orioles, a manager like Earl Weaver, a third baseman like Brooks Róbinson, a shortsop like Luis Aparicio, a rightfielder like Frank Róbinson and four pitchers like Jim Palmer.

10) The Arrogant Dodgers, a manager who only directs them in the World Series.

11) The Angels, another Albert Pujols but 20 years old.

12) The Athletics, ask the New Year for a modern stadium for 50 thousand people, wherever they are.

13) The Padres, do not ask the New Year, but rather to the Pope directly, that by pure miracle, get them to the postseason.

14) The Giants, that they return to San Francisco that of the even years, now that we are flying towards 2020.

15) The Rockies, to lower the height of Denver to full sea level, to see if they finally can win.

16) The Diamondbacks, let them play with camels on the rooster, since they are in the desert.

17) The Blue Jays, a Canadian dollar along with the US dollar.

18) The Twins, less snow, three starting pitchers, who win 60 games and an infallible closer.

19) Los Tigers, a 20-year-old Miguel Cabrera insured against injuries.

20) The Rangers, 25 World Series rings six dozen bottles with ice-cold champagne.

21) The Nationals, that Bryce Harper doesn’t even pass them near the clubhouse.

22) The Phillies, to take Bryce Harper far away.

23) The White Sox ask for the sympathy enjoyed by their neighbors in northern Chicago, the Cubs.

24) The Astros, which ask to make legal the theft of signs with television cameras.

25) Los Cubs, a special box to attend goats in Wrigley Field.

26) Los Indians, an injection of Caribbean energy.

27) The Royals, an owner who loves them, as they were loved by the first, the founder, Edwin Kauffman.

28) The Mariners, a ship sailing towards the World Series port.

29) The Brewers, three Ken Griffey son’s at the outfield.

30) The Braves ask the New Year, a logo that does not offend the defenders the true natives of the United States.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you and another year of happy life.

@ juanvene5

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