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New Age No-Hitters

Astro Cristian Javier leads the way for a combined no-hitter vs Phillies/ MLB, Latino Sports

Los Angeles, Calif. – When ever there is a no-hitter pitched in the major leagues, it is a big deal. Doing it in the playoffs is bigger and in the World Series, well that is monumental. It has now been done twice on the grandest stage for baseball fans.

The first ever no-hitter in a World Series and until last night in game 4 in “The City Of Brotherly Love,” came in game 5, between the NY Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers, before 64,519 fans in the original Yankee Stadium in 1956, by Yankee starter Don Larsen. All by himself for 9 innings in a 2-0 game. Oh by the way, it was a “Perfect Game!” 27 up and 27 down in 2 hours and 6 minutes. Larsen threw 97 pitches against a Dodgers lineup that featured future Hall of Famers Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson (who hit cleanup that day) and Roy Campanella.

Yankee pitcher Don Larsen being hugged by Yogi Berra after pitching the 1st World Series no hitter.

What the 4 Astro’s pitchers did in Philadelphia was absolutely amazing, 3 walks ruined the possible perfect game. Astro’s 25 year old Cristian Javier, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, like Larsen, threw 97 pitches but over 6 innings. Also 25 years old and from Santo Domingo Centro, Dominican Republic, Bryan Abreu, threw 15 pitches, Rafael Montero, Higuerito, Dominican Republic, tossed 10 pitches and closer, Ryan Pressly, finished with 19.

That’s a total of 141 pitches in a 5-0 game that took 3 hours and 25 minutes. The combined no-hitter is becoming the norm today as starers are not expected to throw more than 100 pitches or 7 innings. Which ever comes first. Each individual effort by all 4 of these pitchers was outstanding especially Javier, for 6 innings. The other 3 just needed to pitch to the next 9 batters, 3 each. Not easy but you get the picture.

Could those hitters have gotten to Javier in inning 7? Would he have to throw 141 pitches over 9 innings to complete his masterpiece? Will we ever see a World Series perfect game or even a non perfect game no-hitter pitched by a starter for 9 innings ever again? Who knows? Today teams go into games with a set plan and very rarely deviate form that script handed down to the dugout by the super geniuses with little or no baseball experience on the field. But that is another story for a different time.

Yes it was historical as the first combined no-hitter in World Series history. It was fun to watch if you love the Astros or hate the Phillies. For all the rest of us baseball fans, it is the best we are gonna get today.

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