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No more baseball money in political campaigns

“They called that cannibal ‘El Inutil’, because he was a vegetarian”… Dick Secades.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – Padres executives, the busiest people in baseball these days, were trying yesterday to sign right-hander Masahiro Tanaka. The 32-year-old Japanese set a record with the Yankees of 78-46, 3.74, in seven years. The agents, “Casey Close,” want $ 125 million for five seasons. Last year they made $ 23 million… ** Tanaka is friends with San Diego pitching coach Larry Rothschild and Yu Darvish. That rotation, with Tanaka, Blake Snell and Darvish, looks consistent. By the way, Mike Clevinger will not be able to pitch this year, Tommy John surgery and Díneksol Lamet is also out of action due to a biceps injury …
** The biggest question now, about 70 days before the word of play ball 2021, is What will happen to the designated hitter in the National League?Followers of the American League dream of having this nuisance removed from their lineups, and fans of the National League pray kneeling and looking up at the sky, to claim that they never incorporate such a nuisance into their rosters …
** My friend, the one with early predictions Jim Shapiro believes that the winners of the Divisions this year will be, White Sox, Yankees, Athletics, Reds, Braves and Dodgers …


“My neighbor, the one across the street, who is a black belt in gossip, says she doesn’t believe anything they tell her, but she loves to repeat it” … La Pimpi.-


** No more donations of money to politicians, Major League Baseball (MLB) ordered, as a result of the assault on the Washington Capitol. The commissioner’s office and the teams in particular used to contribute up to $ 500,000 for the electoral campaigns of the two parties. One of the most benefited has been Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. The text of the MLB information …: ” In light of the unprecedented events of the past week at the United States Capitol, MLB suspends the contributions of its Political Action Committee” … ** Alex Rodríguez says he is not concerned about the $ 50 million lawsuit filed against him by Constantine Scurtis, brother his former wife, Cynthia Scurtis. The case, which will take Alex to court on August 2, originated in real estate deals that he handled with his brother-in-law …


“I do believe that sex education should be given in schools. The problem is how, when, where and with whom to do the homework ”… La Pimpi.-

ATTENTION.- In google, you can read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, in “sport brings us together again”.

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