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Notes From Cleveland All-Star Weekend

Cleveland, Ohio: Being here for the 2019 Baseball All-Star game is as exciting as any of the numerous All-Star games that I have had the pleasure to attend. From the moment you step off the plane and walk through the Cleveland airport to your drive to downtown Cleveland your reminded of the biggest baseball event-taking place in their city.

Yesterday, after a delayed flight from New York I finally arrived, but too late to pick up my credentials and attend the Futures Game, which was always one of my favorites seeing the possible stars of tomorrow.

I was able to see and hear from outside Progressive Field when Samuel Huff (Rangers prospect) hit a towering two-run homerun to left field, tying the game for the American League in the 7th inning. Since these games are only seven inning games it was extended just one more inning, but the game ended in a 2 -2 tie. I can’t tell you much about the game that I did not get to see, but I could tell you that immediately after the game the Cleveland Sky was lit up to the incredible fireworks display that the Indians had for the fans that remained to watch the All-Star Rock ‘N’ Blast – a special All Star Week adaptation of the Indians’ annual fireworks and multimedia show.

Unfortunately, I missed that as well as I was having dinner a few blocks from the stadium with our new editor, Nicole Perez comparing notes for our coverage. However, though we were not able to see the fireworks we heard them loud and clear reminding us that we were in Cleveland, a fitting backdrop for Nicole’s first All Star game.

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