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Opening Day Pitch, Not Trump, But Dr. Fauci?

I don’t know how to read this, but as far back as I can remember, the president has always been invited to throw out the first Opening Day pitch, especially in a Washington, DC baseball game.

Yesterday the 2019 World Series Champions, Washington Nationals hosted the New York Yankees in D.C. and Dr. Anthony Fauci threw out the ceremonial first pitch. It is no secret that the once close relationship between the president and Dr. Fauci has worn out since Dr. Fauci began to differ with the president on several issues regarding the protocols for handling the pandemic in this country. I and many throughout the country read this as down with Trump, up with Dr. Fauci.

The fact is Trump has publicly stated his disagreement with Dr. Fauci to the point that the good doctor has not been invited to certain meetings in the White House. Now bringing this back to baseball, is the president to be believed that he was invited and he declined? The fact that this opening day had several other hot items on their pregame, like players taking a knee, and recognition of the Black Lives Matter issue with a marking on the field could have been a bit too much for the thin skin sensitive president.

What’s more suspicious is that in the typical Trump style he stated on this opening day that he will be throwing out the ceremonial pitch at Yankee stadium in August in a game Vs. the Boston Red Sox. The president stated that Yankee President, Randy Levine, invited him. This is like everything else he does, which is to make a statement to take away focus from the issue at hand. Unfortunately, this president lies so much that we don’t know if any of this is true.

However, if the president believes that he will be able to throw out a ceremonial pitch in a Yankee stadium with no fans, thus his ego won’t be crushed by fans booing him as they did at the 2019 World Series game he has another thing coming. The fans might not be inside booing, but if he comes to the South Bronx, still the poorest urban congressional district in the country, with a chapter of Black Lives Matter and the borough with the largest Latino community in the city I can almost assure the president that there will be mucho booing outside the stadium.

BTW, the Yankees won their first 2020 season opener by a score of 4 – 1.

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