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Playing For U.S., But his Heart Is with Puerto Rico

Jack López playing for Puerto Rico in Caribbean games. (Photo

Boricua Infielder, Jack López is very clear about two things despite the fact that he will represent the United States next month in baseball at the Tokyo Olympics: he will play with Puerto Rico in his mind although he will have the name of ‘USA’ on his chest , and wishes at some point to represent the island again in the future.

That’s the crazy situation that we Boricuas have regarding citizenship. We Puerto Ricans are American citizens (even though approximately half of the U.S. population according to did not know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. That’s according to a poll conducted after Hurricane).

So for players and other athletes who are Puerto Rican we can also play for the U.S..

Is this the best of both worlds, or is it hindrance? What do you think?

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