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2006 Pittsburg Pirates All Star Game Commemorative Clemente Wristband

The 2006 All Star Game held in Pittsburgh focused much on the legendary super star, Roberto Clemente. To commemorate the stadium, and the player, MLB gave each player a wristband with the letters RCW. Some players like not know what that meant. We were interviewing Alex Rodríguez on the field prior to the game and when we noticed the wristband for the first time, we asked him about it. He told us that every player had one in his locker chair, but did not know what it meant? We explained to him that the RCW stood for Roberto Clemente Walker. Later after the game I was in the locker room of the American league and was interviewing a good friend and winner of many LatinoMVP awards, Mariano Rivera. We asked him about the wristband and its meaning. He took it off, autographed it and tossed it to me. So, there you have it. This is a genuine Roberto Clemente Pittsburg Pirates 2006 All Star wristband that were only made for the players. To have a Mariano Rivera worn and autograph on this piece is truly priceless. Now this is truly a Latino sports story.