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Many say that there is no official religion in Cuba, but if there was it would be Baseball. The history of Cuban baseball is written in numerous books. They were the first to play the game learning it from US sailors who visited the island prior to the Spanish American war of 1898.  The younger Cuban played baseball as a protest against the Spanish traditional games. Cuba has alway been a strong baseball country, before and after the Cuban revolution. Two players are considered two of the best Latino players to have played the game, From Martin Dihigo prior to the revolution to Omar Linares after the revolution. Today the number of Cuban in MLB is a testament to the power of baseball in Cuba. Though Cuba is blockaded by the USA and lacking basic substances, the Cubans still produce top baseball players that when they leave Cuba and come to the states, they almost immediately wind up playing in MLB with very lucrative contracts. Our Cuban Jerseys were made to commemorate our sister islands love of the game. This is not just a Cuban baseball jersey, this is a piece of Latino Sports history.

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