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NY Yankee Children’s Commemorative Lunchbox


IN 2008 the Yankees celebrated the historical stadiums 85th year (1923-2008) being the last year of this famous “Cathedral of Baseball”, or as some would say the “House The Ruth Built” since 1923 was the year that the Yankees signed Babe Ruth. The stadium was also home to the New York Giants football team. The stadium had much history as it was where many baseball records were broken. It was also where they held some of the best world boxing championships, the 1958 NFL Championship Game referred by many as the Greatest Game ever played. Two Popes visited and held mass there and no Puerto Rican/Latino Salsero can forget the famous Fania All Star concert held there. The stadium is located in the South Bronx home to one of the largest Puerto Rican/Latino communities in the country.

These lunchboxes were given to the fans as a commemoration of the last season in the stadium as the Yankees had made up their minds to move across the street and build a new state of the art stadium. The local community protested and did not want the stadium tron down to build a park. Now that is a story for another time. The lunchbox has two famous pictures of the old stadium. One side has the original stadium build in 1923 and the other side has a picture of the renovated stadium done 1973-1975). The side show the classic outfield decor of the old stadium.

These are new, still in the plastic covers. A true Yankee baseball collectible. and a piece of Latino sports history.