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Player of the Century — Size S


In 2000 MLB commemorated 100 Year’s of Baseball by running a national contest to select the top 100 players for the team of the Century.  The best players in 100 years of baseball were selected. Unfortunately, once again the Latino community was overlooked and not one Latino was on that team. Once again, we in Latino Sports took exception to this oversight and did a series of actions and activities to express our outrage to the fact that no Latinos were on that list. Many argued, there was no excuse as there were many Latinos that could have been on that list, especially Roberto Clemente. We decided among other things to do a poster to remember that Roberto Clemente was “our player of the century.” That poster was so popular that we decided to also make a T-shirt. This T-shirt was quite popular, and we offer this early 2000 Retro shirt to only a lucky few. This is more than a shirt, it’s a piece of Latino sports history.

Clemente “ Our, Player of the Century”.

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