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Puerto Rico Baseball Classic White — Size L


In 2006 Major League Baseball started the World Baseball Classic opening up professional baseball to every country with the opportunity to participate in a world baseball tournament similar to the soccer “World Cup” to officially give the title to a winner a true, “World Champion.” Puerto Rico made a good showing in the inaugural games making it to the finals, but no one can forget the 2017 World Baseball Classic where Puerto Rico having just been through a hurricane these games became a unifying force for every Puerto Rican. The team, AKA Los Rubios made a tremendous effort to represent Puerto Rico before the world stage. This Puerto Rico baseball jersey represents more than a baseball jersey, it represents a bit of Puerto Rican and Latino sports history.

Also we want to advise that these jersey’s are five years old and while some have retained their like-new condition, some have signs of age –most of which we view as character. We do our best to show our apparel in all of its glory, but sometimes details can be missed. If you purchase an item and find something you feel is questionable, remember this; you are the owner of a limited edition garment from the Latino Sports archive, it is a piece of history particular to the Latino community in the South Bronx and beyond.

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