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watercolor painting of Clemente


This watercolor painting of Roberto Clemente was received as a present for the one of a kind Latino Sports Clubhouse store we opened in the South Bronx back in 2000. Julio, President & Founder of Latino Sports met a Cuban painter, Chong who was a native of El Barrio Chino in Havana who had a unique style for painting that attracted attention. They exchanged gifts and the gift that Julio received for the new Latino Sports store was this painting of Roberto Clemente’s last game. This is a historic picture of Clemente after getting his final hit, #3000 in the 9th inning of the last game of the season he was walking towards his position in Right Field and the fans gave him a standing ovation. Clemente takes off his cap to salute and thank them. This is a historical and classic painting worth more than the price because it is a piece of Latino sports history.

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