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Quest For Mets: Bypass This Latest Controversy

Bill Menzel/ Latino Sports

New York: Allow this writer to pose a question? If Mets manager Mickey Callaway got into a altercation with a mainstream media reporter, not a beat writer, would this latest controversy that occurred after an ugly loss Sunday at Wrigley Field to the Cubs been blown out of proportion? Had Jason Vargas threatened a non beat writer can the same been said?

We at Latino Sports are not in the class of beat reporter. But as always do that accurate and fair reporting and do respect the rights and privilege of a press credential with the proper access to players and the manager. And we also honor and respect our colleagues, who as we say, go right into the fire of a losing locker room.

Of course, no journalist on the field or in the clubhouse needs to be the victim of a threat. We have seen some of these situations over the years and without social media then, the implications were not as serious. Remember Bobby Bonilla telling colleague Bob Klapish, in the Mets’ clubhouse, “I will show you the Bronx?”

That was uncalled for. As was the situation yesterday with Callaway, a colleague from Newsday, and pitcher Jason Vargas, and it’a all what Callaway said, “A part of the game.”

But in due fairness to my colleagues, there is a job to do. We report and need to ask questions. Because this Mets manager is under fire, his job in jeopardy, because Edwin Diaz the closer who has struggled was bypassed over Seth Lugo for a four-or five-out save, the persistent questions ensued.

So we have a job to do. Callaway threw foul language at a beat reporter. It was said, he resented being told “See You Tomorrow.” Then that unnecessary chaos followed.

But today, GM Brodie Wagenen leveled the fines to his manager and to Jason Vargas. Apologies went around the room. Players met before the first game of four in Philadelphia. Then the press conference to announce the fines and the apologies.

So it’s back to business, we all hope for the Mets. And with the rookie sensation Pete Alonso breaking club home run records, with Jeff McNeil among the top hit leaders in the NL, and with a championship 1969 Mets celebration this weekend, it should all be about that and winning ballgames.

Yes, this was the heat of the moment. Mickey Callaway may not be fit for the job, yet he is aware as all managers are what our role is covering a team. We saw that first hand as the season ended last September at Citi Field.

Then, Mickey Callaway, in his rookie year made sure to shake the hand and thank every reporter personally after his final press conference to wrap up the season. That to this observer was unprecedented.

The manager was wrong, that’s for sure blasting the wrong language to a colleague. Jason Vargas had no business going after a beat reporter in defending his manager. Again, heat of the moment and not the proper way to do business after another tough loss.

Situations have been worse over the years, and not necessarily in regard to the Mets. Except, this was the Mets where controversy seems to always be the theme. Now it is time to move on.


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