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Redskins No More

Bronx, NY: It took the murder of African-American George Floyd seen on social media by millions and the spontaneous reaction of millions more throughout the country and the world protesting the issue of Black Lives Matter to the get the owner to finally agree it was time.

Since its inception 33 years ago the Native American community has been protesting the name as racist towards them and their culture. Team owner Daniel Snyder had been quoted in the past saying that under no circumstances he was going to change the name. However, the culmination of years of racism and abuse against people of color as depicted through the murder of Mr. Floyd and the outcry throughout the country had sent a clear message to many of the team sponsors who were very concerned about the repercussions that this growing movement could affect them and their bottom line, the mighty dollar.

The team made the official announcement today and will soon announce the new name. Apparently team owner and head coach Ron Rivera are working on a new name for the team. Having Mr. Rivera involved in the process to select a new name is a wise move as Mr. Rivera being Puerto Rican and Mexican has excellent qualifications to help provide a non-offensive cultural name to the team.

A popular name trending on social media is the Red Tails. This is what the Tuskegee Airmen were called

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