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Los Angeles Dodgers Flamethrower: Julio Urías

NEW YORK — It is with great sadness to announce that MLB team owners and the Players Association were unable to come to an agreement on the next Collective Bargaining Agreement before the predetermined, extended deadline on Tuesday, March 1st, at 5pm. I state this with great sadness, since so many groups, outside of players and owners are dramatically affected by this lockout. Across the country, ticket vendors, concession staff, security crews, and many more are left without work until baseball finally ramps back up. Not to mention, the most important group in it all: the passionate fans. Where do baseball fans go from here? 

However, rather than constantly repeat the current business negotiations within MLB. Latino Sports continues to introduce you to players, who are a joy to watch in the sport we all love. Next up in our Meet The Player thread is Julio César Urías. The left-handed flamethrower for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

In the 2020 World Series, Urías made two appearances, which tallied seven innings pitched combined for 13 strikeouts. In arguably the biggest game of his life, Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays, Urías completed the 9th inning save with two Ks, as the Los Angeles Dodgers became the 2020 World Series Champions. 

After becoming a champion, Urías did not just stop there. The following season in 2021, he became the first National League pitcher to win 20 games since 2016, when Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer completed the historic milestone. 

Julio Urías 2021 Regular Season Stats:

20-3 record, 2.96 earned run average, 195 strikeouts in 185.2 innings pitched.

📸Image Credit: Major League Baseball

Julio Urías is a finalist for the 32nd Annual, Latino Sports National League LatinoMVP Starting Pitcher Award. 

Urías is not just an everyday average pitcher; this guy is different. He has had his mind set on baseball since his early childhood days growing up in México. Urías was born in the city of Culiacán Rosales, which is the largest city in Sinaloa. It is also the capital of Sinaloa. Culiacán Rosales is located in the northwestern region of México. 

The history of Urías goes before his professional playing time. The same scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mike Brito, who had scouted Hall of Famer, Fernando Valenzuela, learned about and met Julio Urías while he was only 14 years old. Urías ended up signing with the Dodgers at just 16 years old. He made his professional MLB debut for the Dodgers, starting against the New York Mets on May 27th, 2016. He became the youngest starting pitcher (19 years old) to debut in the pros since Seattle Mariners Félix Hernández back in 2005. 

Urías acknowledges and credits México, the country he was raised in, every chance he gets. As much as he is top tier on the field, Urías matches that passion in representing México across all professional sports.

Urias has had a major impact on the Dodgers pitching depth since getting promoted to the majors. He has pitched in the pros, doing both, starting, and, coming into games as a reliever whenever he is called on. In six seasons pitched in the majors, he has posted a 32-10 record, 3.09 ERA with 427 strikeouts. 

Baseball fans get attached to these sorts of players, since they do everything they can, in their willpower to get their team a win. Urías looks to remain dominant on the mound once the 2022 season starts up. 

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