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Sad Part Is The Tarnished Image Of Robinson Cano

George Napiltano / Lationo Sports

New York: I have known Robinson Cano from the first day he arrived in the Bronx with the Yankees. Then, he was that young and rising talent that MLB took in because of his talent and ability.

Cano was destined to be Hall of Fame bound. From the Yankees to Seattle, and with one of the lucrative contracts among those who are gifted with that opportunity to play the game of baseball. He had the ability to command second base, the instincts of a great hitter, hitting for power and to all fields.

In the Bronx, Seattle, and with the Mets it was Robinson Cano and a great marketing tool for baseball with the Latino community. He was the perfect role model for many

But Wednesday, Robinson Cano was nailed again for using an illegal substance and violating Major League Baseball with their strict policies about using performance enhancing drugs.

So we won’t see Robinson Cano on the field with the Mets in 2021. This second suspension is harsh, as it should be. An entire 162 game season and forfeiting a portion of his complicated contract are the repercussions.

The Mets and Mariners became partners with the contract in a trade that sent Cano back to New York in December of 2018

And it’s a sad commentary for baseball. Sad, more, because Robinson Cano, the young and gifted talent from the Domincian Republic has a tarnished reputation.

A reputation as a cheat and a Hall of Fame induction that will not be part of a career that was headed there. Instead, Cano is considered a cheat just like the others.

He is now in that group. Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds. They all cheated. They had the natural talent. Instead, they had this desire to be superhuman and to be better than the average player.

And to do that, as Robinson Cano has shown, it was the use of PEDs that got him in hot water with MLB. It tarnished his reputation with baseball fans. His career with the Mets and tenure in New York will most likely conclude with that tarnished reputation.

I don’t see the Mets, and with a new regime of Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson, giving their sympathy and await the return of Robinson Cano in 2022. They may be forced to eat the remainder of $48 million and pending logistics they could nullify the remainder.

So, I have no sympathy for Robinson Cano. A previous Latino Sports MVP recipient, and a well deserved honor, then we all assumed Cano was the perfect role model for those young and aspiring players.

And for the most part, we all saw that role model instinct that Robsinon Cano provided to those young kids who play baseball in the inner city communities that can’t afford to put a team on the field.

Cano was their hero, He was the role model. Yet, Wednesday when this shocking news was revealed, those youngsters who looked up tgo Robinson Cano spoke on social media.

I got a few of the private messages. And some came from those aspiring ballplayers in New York and in the Dominican Republic.

“I can not be a fan of Robinson Cano,” one said. “I don’t want to hear more excuses. It was wrong. He did wrong. He should not be allowed to play the game. You don’t need to cheat with all of that talent.”

But it’s all true. Unfortunate that Robinson Cano did not learn his lesson the first time after a similar offense and suspension of 82-games when he played with the Mariners.

Yet,we thought that Cano would have known better. MLB, overall has done a terrific job in deterring others from being a part of using PEDs. It has worked as baseball moved on with other issues.

Again, Robinson Cano has that tarnished image. There is no longer room for him to command second base or wear a uniform. You can;t give someone in baseball a third chance when it comes to using one or more PED’s.

Then again, we don’t know. Cano will be 39-years old upon conclusion of this suspension. The skills won’t be sharp. Any team taking him on is a risk and that goes for the Mets providing another chance with a fan base that were not thrilled with his play.

So unfortunate, but it’s time to say Bye Bye Robbie. And I am not being harsh.

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