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Sandy Alcántara on winning the NL 2022 Prestigious LatinoMVP Award

Sandy Alcántara very happy to learn that he was the 2022 NL LatinoMVP award winner - Image Credit: Latino Sports

FLUSHING, NY– Today we had the opportunity to interview Sandy Alcántara the winner of the 2022 NL LatinoMVP Pitcher of the year award. He did not know about an award that started six years before he was born and was interested and excited to learn how the award started back in in 1990 when many in the sports world felt that Ruben Sierra was overlooked for the American League MVP award for his 1989 season and that is how Latino Sports and the LatinoMVP award was born. Sandy was impressed and the following is his interview.

LS: After giving you a short explanation on the award that you knew very little of, an award that has been giving out longer than you have been alive, thirty-three years (he laughs). The award is called LatinoMVP, and you were on the ballot for the first time and of course you won. So how do you feel about winning the most prestigious award given to Latino baseball players?

SA: Look, I’m very happy, very happy for that opportunity that all those Latino reporters voted for me so that I could win, very happy for this blessing and again to all who voted. I can’t wait to see the award and hope it will not just be the first time, but many more times.

LS: There are some players, not pitchers who have one it more than once, like Albert Pujols who has won it eight times and he has eight paintings in his house (we both laugh). What are your thoughts on having an award that is exclusively given to Latino baseball players.

SA: Look, it signifies a lot, that we Latino players are here in this sport. A sport that provides us many prizes, prizes that at the end of the day we must earn. I think I won it and again, thanks to all those who voted for me, and I hope it will not just be this one time, (he laughs) that it will be eight, or ten like Albert Pujols as well.

LS: What are your thoughts about giving you the award in your home stadium, in Miami in September during Hispanic Heritage month?

SA: It means a lot. I expect the fans to also attend and be there to receive that award with me. I trust that it will be a day that I will not have to pitch, because then I will not be able to get it that day, but at the end of the day I will get it because it’s mine and something that God sent.

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