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Short interview with Alex Cora on WBC & LatinoMVP candidate Devers

Alex Cora during Spring training interview - Image Credit: Latino Sports

FORT MYERS, FL– I had traveled to Fort Myers to interview Boston Red Sox third baseman, Rafael Devers, one of the 2022 LatinoMVP candidates for the prestigious LatinoMVP award. Unfortunately, he was not available as the team was traveling to play away. However, I’ve always learned that when life offers you lemons you learn to make lemonade. Thus, I attended a press conference featuring, Boston Red Sox manager, Alex Cora. I waited for the circus of reporters surrounding him to finish asking their questions and as he was walking away, I approached him. He recognized me (we have met several times in the past), and I was able to ask him a few questions. The following is that short interview with Cora.

LS: What was your thoughts on the recent World Baseball Classic?

AC: It was a tremendous tournament; a tremendous experience and everyone enjoyed it. I believe that having the venue in Miami was tremendous with all those Caribbean countries and Venezuela. Obviously, the fever was felt. We hope that the 2026 will also be successful.

LS: Many people in Puerto Rico did not think that team Puerto Rico would not go far in the tournament especially after shortstop Carlos Correa and pitcher Seth Lugo decided not to play. Many fans doubted if Puerto Rico had enough strong pitching, but Puerto Rico was quite surprising.

AC: Yes, but Puerto Rico had some very good players. Puerto Rico had pitchers there that many people believed they could not do the job, but Yady (Yadier Molina) looked for ways to maximize the team’s talent and obviously they did the job.  Players like Maldonado and Cristian Vázquez came through. I think that was the difference, pitchers that many people did think that they could do the job, but they were able to maximize their talent and obviously do the job. Players like, Machete and Cristian whose preparation is tremendous. Yady was also excellent as a manager. I think he did well with the team we had and to finish where they did in the World Classic. It was very surprising because one of the teams we beat was one of the favorites to win the whole tournament, but we always trust ourselves. I tell you, we did well.

I believe we will improve in several areas for 2026 and that we will have players ready to play and do the job and finally win the gold medal.

LS: Besides talking about the World Baseball Classic, I’m here to interview one of your players, Rafael Devers who is a candidate for the prestigious LatinoMVP award presently celebrating its 33rd anniversary. Any comment on Devers being a candidate for this award?

AC: Devers is a tremendous boy. He deserves everything he gets. We gave him the contract we gave him because he worked hard for that, he’s grown a lot, I’ve seen the development of a boy to a man.

LS: I know you are very busy preparing to return to Boston, so I’ll let you go and thank you for the time.

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