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Six-year old Luca Pabón Rosario wins three medals in karate

Luca proudly demonstrating his 3 medals to his proud grandfather (full disclosure, that's my boy!) Photo Julio Pabón Latino Sports

Los Angeles, CA: Latino Sports and has always been about reporting and educating on Latino athletes that perhaps are not the most popular. We go beyond the games Box Scores to provide information and sports news that others might not cover. We also go beyond franchise sports and get into the communities where many stories and accomplishments are occurring, but that few might not know.

On many occasions we have covered high school and community sports. We have also covered events and accomplishments of youths who are the future fans and could be the future stars.

On that note I had the privilege of learning of a great accomplishment of Luca Pabón Rosario a six-year-old Angelino of Puerto Rican heritage that had won three medals in the prestigious Jeff Speakman World Martial Arts Event for 2021.  The event was held virtual on July 24-25, but he never received his medals because Luca is also an avid baseball Little League player.  Unfortunately, this young intense competitor injured his wrist on a slide to home playing a fun game with his dad. Luca had to wear a cast for  two months and was sidelined from his two favorite sports, Karate and Baseball.

Luca receiving his 3 medals from Sensei Anto. (Photo courtesy of JAP – Latino Sports)

Finally, the cast came off and fortunately for the future star he did not require surgery and was given the green light to resume his sports passions, but with moderation. When Luca returned to his Dojo located on 614 E. Washington Blvd. in Pasadena, he was surprised by his Sensei, Anto who presented the young yellow belt Karateka with the three medals that he did not know he had won. He won Third Place Bronze in Creative Forms (Katas), Second Place in Forms and First Place Gold in Creative Open Weapons. He was the only student representing the Dojo to win three medals and the only student in the six and Under Group to win three medals.

Congratulations to Luca and his parents, Mariela & Julio.


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