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Start Spreading The Word – Latino Sports to Launch Its New Website

South Bronx, NY: After a few years of recouping from both the flight of its former web developer and then the worldwide COVID pandemic which affected so many in business losses, Latino Sports is now poised to bounce back with its new site.

“We are very excited to be launching our new site soon. We have worked very hard with our Latino Sports team members and our new web developers to have a site that will be able to provide exciting information, products, and history about Latinos in sports,” stated Latino Sports President and founder, Julio Pabón.

Latino Sports was started in 1990 when Mr. Pabón organized an award ceremony at Yankee stadium and in the community for Mr. Ruben Sierra who was in his third year playing for the Texas Rangers. Mr. Sierra had a very productive year so much so that many believed he should have won the American League Most Valuable Player award. Many Puerto Ricans, Latinos and baseball fans believed that Mr. Sierra was overlooked by the BBWAA. This is one of the many stories and many others affecting the Latino community that will be found in the new site.

The new site will also feature a long-awaited Ecommerce where visitors will be able to buy rare, or one-of-a-kind Retro pieces of apparel that have a history to every item offered. Mr. Pabón explained that visitors to the site will have the opportunity to shop for a special Latino sports collectible, but whether they buy or not, they will also be able to learn a bit of history from most of the items available. He stated, “Latino Sports has 33 years of rich history in the sports world many times breaking barriers to promote a player, or advocate for a cause affecting the Latino community, we want to share and teach that history.”  He explained that because of the oversight to Mr. Sierra in 1989, Latino Sports was born, and the modest award given to him in 1990 has now become the oldest and most prestigious award given to Latino baseball players.

In 2000 when MLB announced the “Century Team” commemorating 100 years of baseball and not one Latino appeared on that team, Latino Sports held its own survey and concluded that several Latino players and, Roberto Clemente should have been on that list. Latino Sports then organized a committee that worked with several Latino players, the Clemente family, Latino artist, and printers to develop: “Our Player of The Century” poster and T-shirt, commemorating Roberto Clemente as one player that was omitted that should have been on that exclusive list. Items like these will be available on the site, as well as exclusive, pictures, videos, voice interviews with many of the past LatinoMVP winners as well as rare and exclusive pictures, interviews, and items on Latino sports in general.

Our new site will also be able to be read in Spanish. This will allow us to reach out to the growing Spanish dominant community in the U.S., but also to the over 651 million in Latino American and the Caribbean.

So, stay tuned and help spread the news. The new site will be launching soon.

We created a slogan decades ago reflecting the reality of the Latino community back then. It was simple and to the point, Latinos understood it well.

Es Nuestro, Ya Era Tiempo! – It’s About Us, It’s About Time!

We believe that this slogan could not be more relevant today..

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