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Stats on Getting Voted Into the Exclusive Baseball HOF

This is some of the data on the baseball HOF voting provided in a previous article by contributing writer, Mr. Juan Vene. We though that this was was so interesting that we decided to edit and republish this section separately for our readers to appreciate the history of the votes and what percentage of the votes players received.

—————————————–HOF Votes Over 90%——————————

134 players have been inducted in 150 years of Major League Baseball. This indicates that the average is less than one annually, only 0.89. In addition, about 20,000 players have gone through the majors. Proving this is a very exclusive club membership.

This is the honorable list of players who had been voted in with more than 90% or more of the vote:

Mariano Rivera 100%, Derek Jeter 99.75%, Ken Griffey Jr. 99.32%, Tom Seaver 98.84%, Nolan Ryan 98.79%, Cal Ripken Jr. 98.53%; Ty Cobb 98.23%, George Brett 98.19%, Hank Aaron 97.83%, Tony Gwynn 97.61%, Randy Johnson 97.27%, Chipper Jones 97.20%, Greg Maddux 97.19%, Mike Schimidt 96.52%, Johnny Bench 96.42, Steve Carlton 95.82%, Babe Ruth 95.13, Honus Wagner 95.13, Rickie Hénderson, 94.81%, Willie Mays 94.68%, Carl Yastrzemski 94.63%, Bob Feller 93.75%, Reggie Jackson 93.62%, Ted Willams 93.38%, Stan Musial 93.24%, Vladimir Guerrero 92.90%, Roberto Clemente 92.69%, Jim Palmer 92.57%, Brooks Robinson 91.98%, Tom Glavine 91.94%, Wade Boggs 91.86%, Ozzie Smith 91.74%, Pedro Martínez 91: 07%, Christy Mathewson 90.71, Rod Carew 90.52%, Roberto Alomar 90.00%.


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