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Subway Series is more than watching a regular baseball game

Subway Series at Yankee Stadium - Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

SOUTH BRONX, NY — Every baseball season New York baseball fans flock to either Yankee Stadium, or Citi Field to see their favorite team play, but to see them both play each other, that is special. These games between the New York Yankees, from the Bronx and the New York Mets from Queens have been popular since their inception in 1997 when they had their first interleague play and the popular Subway Series was born. Since then, New Yorkers from all the five boroughs and beyond scramble to purchase tickets to watch at least one of the games.

As of yesterday’s game, both the Yankees and the Mets were in fourth place in their division so winning a game, or two was not really going to push either team to a sure postseason position, therefore, the games are more about fans bragging rights. Each game was a sellout, or near sell out because this is that one game where fans of each team go to support their favorite New York team that has nothing to do with the standings, but about beating the other team and bragging about it.

Pete Alonso and Anthony Rizzo – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

New York has a strong base of fans for both teams. Many would argue that the Yankees have a larger base of fans and that is understandable since the Yankees, founded in 1903 have a much older history and many more baseball fairy tale moments that the relatively newer Mets franchise that was formed in 1962.

A friend, Hector who came from Puerto Rico was in seventh heaven when he was able to attend the second Subway Series game yesterday. He is a Yankee fan, and he was very happy to see the Yankees win. However, he was also happy to have seen Puerto Rican Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Francisco Lindor, recipient of 2016 AL LatinoMVP Award – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

When I asked him if that was a bit contradictory, he said, “I’m a Yankee fan, but I am also a Francisco Lindor fan and having the opportunity to see both was a real treat.” I believe that is the reality of today’s Subway Series. The games go beyond the teams and are now also focusing on individual players as well. I know many friends who are not Yankee fans, but wanted to go to Yankee games last season to see Aaron Judge when he was in his home run record breaking season.

Mets & Yankee fans during Subway Series – Image Credit: Wendel Wendel

As a longtime resident of the South Bronx living as close as two blocks from Yankee stadium, I can attest that the Subway Series is not as violent as it once was. I remember a time when few would dare come to our neighborhood wearing any NY Mets apparel. I remember many fights that would break out in the stadium. Today we don’t see any of that. We see many family members and group of friends wearing Mets apparel, and others wear Yankee apparel.

Fans at Yankee Stadium during Subway Series – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

Today the Subway Series is one of the highlights of New York baseball and we can see a more fun city because of it.

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