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Super Bowl: Ads, Beer & Betting

Bronx, NY: Today, the Saturday before the Super Bowl many families are preparing for what is a national pastime, a Super Bowl party. You just don’t watch the Super Bowl by yourself, or with a friend at home, or in a bar like you might watch any other sports game having a few drinks. No, not for the Super Bowl where eating, drinking, joining a betting pool, being loud for every play, anticipating the best T.V. commercials and sitting through the half time show is the culture.

This Super Bowl LIII (53 for those that did not study Roman numerals) is going to be the most watched show on television in 2019. There is no question on that, the only question is exactly how many will be watching?

They estimate at least 100 million eyeballs will be tuning in for this final NFL game of the season. Last year’s Super Bowl drew 103.39 million viewers, much less than the 110 million who saw the 2017 Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Super Bowl record was set in 2015 when an average of 114.44 million folks saw the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in a nail biter.

Many fans also look forward and are just as excited seeing the commercials that are produced for the Super Bowl. When the average cost of a Super Bowl ad for a 30 second spot this year will cost $5.25 million you know whatever they show will be a first rate production. One of those will be Michelob Ultra’s, Pure Gold organic beer featuring Zoë Kravitz using autonomous sensory meridian response techniques like whispering and tapping a Pure Gold bottle into microphones. Beer consumption in the U.S. has been declining so expect to see quite a number of beer ads.

So the question this year for the companies that live off the ratings is, how many people will be watching Super Bowl LIII? Knowing the rise in sports gambling fever in the country I would bet that some bookies are also taking bets on the number of viewers watching this year. If I were betting, I would bet the number: 105


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